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“1.5 billion is no problem”… New apartments in Gwangjin-gu with 46,000 people

The Seoul subscription fever is getting hotter and hotter. In order to receive a new apartment for sale in Gwangjin-gu, 46,461 people applied for two days. The sale price was high because it was an unregulated area, but it was low compared to the surrounding market price. There was also a perception that prices would rise further in the future.

According to the Korea Real Estate Agency’s subscription home on the 2nd, ‘Lotte Castle East Pole’, which enters Jayang-dong, Gwangjin-gu, conducted the first subscription for 419 households the day before, and as a result, 46,461 people flocked to record an average competition rate of 98.43 to 1.

The highest competition rate came from the exclusive 74㎡. In the recruitment of 45 households, 10,982 people in the region subscribed, recording a competition rate of 244.04 to 1. Exclusive 84㎡A and exclusive 84㎡C also recorded three-digit competition rates of 112.31 to 1 (11,006 people for 98 households) and 115.38 to 1 (923 people for 8 households), respectively. Except for the exclusive 138㎡, all other areas had double-digit competition rates.

The special supply, which was carried out on the 31st of last month, also recorded good results. 5117 people applied for the special service that recruited 176 households (excluding those recommended by institutions), recording an average competition rate of 29.07 to 1. Preliminary applicants flocked to the first life and newlyweds type. For the first-time life type, 2354 people challenged the recruitment of 32 households, resulting in a competition rate of 73.56:1, and for the newlyweds type, 2466 people applied for the recruitment of 64 households, resulting in a competition rate of 38.53:1. There are 46,461 preliminary subscribers who have flocked to buy ‘Lotte Castle East Pole’ for two days.

The reason why tens of thousands of people flocked was because of the price. There was a lot of talk among prospective subscribers of ‘Lotte Castle Eastfall’ from the time the pre-sale price was first released. The reason was ‘too expensive’. The sale price for this complex is 40.5 million won per 3.3 square meters. Based on the exclusive 84㎡, it is 1.32 billion to 1.49 billion won. The sale price of ‘Hillstate e Pyeonhansesang Munjeong’ in Songpa-gu, which is scheduled to be sold this month, is 35.82 million won per 3.3㎡, but the price is higher than Songpa-gu, one of the 3 districts of Gangnam.

Looking at the prices of nearby complexes, 84㎡ for ‘Raemian Premier Palace’ in Jayang-dong changed hands for 1.395 billion won in June, and 96㎡ for ‘The Shop Star City’ in Jayang-dong was also traded for 1.67 billion won. There is not much attraction when comparing the sale price and the market price.

However, the story is different compared to the complex that recently moved in. According to Naver Real Estate and a local real estate agency, the asking price for 84㎡ dedicated to ‘Lotte Castle River Park Signature’ in Jayang-dong, which started moving in last month , was formed at 2.2 to 2.5 billion won . Compared to the pre-sale price, a profit of KRW 700 million to KRW 1 billion is expected.

An authorized brokerage official in Jayang-dong said, “I know that there are no sales rights that go down below 2 billion won based on the 84㎡ exclusive for ‘Lotte Castle River Park Signature’.” Received. The remaining sales are from the 2 billion won range,” he explained. He added, “‘Lotte Castle Eastpole’ is relatively expensive compared to the construction price in the vicinity, but the price reflects the current market price.”

The fact that there are no member items is also attractive. Most of the sales volume from Seoul is for reconstruction and redevelopment complexes, but most of them are cooperative projects. For this reason, in many cases, union members preoccupy the building and floor that end users prefer. Subscribers who receive general sales often end up with relatively non-preferred volumes. However, this complex is subject to the Eastern District Court and KTThis is the place where the branch used to be located, and there is no cooperative volume due to the urban environment maintenance project, not the general maintenance project.

An official from the sales office of this complex said, “Various areas ranging from 74 to 138㎡ for exclusive use came out evenly.”

The response from prospective subscribers is also good. A메이저사이트 prospective subscriber in his 60s, whom I met at a model house, said, “I heard that the pre-sale price has risen so much since the beginning of the year, but it is true that it is burdensome to see the real-estate price.” A prospective subscriber in his 40s with two children also
said, “Recently ,

there are not many large countertops in the sale complexes, so it was difficult to apply for a subscription with two children.” Compared to the Gangnam area to come out, the level is low, so I plan to put it in the subscription,” he explained.

After subscribing, this complex will announce the winner on the 9th. Pay 60% in parts. The balance is 30%. Interest deferred payment system is applied for interim

payment. Resale limit is 1 year. Meanwhile, in the second half of the year, most of the complexes that were subscribed to in Seoul achieved good results. The first hitter in the second half, Gwanak-gu, Sillim-dong’ ‘Seoul National University Venture Town Station Prugio’ attracted 3080 applicants for the 1st application for 99 households, recording an average competition rate of 31.11 to 1. △ ‘Cheongnyangri Lotte Castle Hailuche’ in Cheongnyangni-dong, Dongdaemun-gu had an average competition rate of 242.29 to 1 (recruitment of 88 households) 21,322 people) △ Yongsan-gu Hangang-ro 2-ga ‘Yongsan Lakeside Summit Edition’ average competition rate of 162.69 to 1 (10,575 people for 65 households) is recording good results.

Jeong Sook-hee, CEO of My Dream Company, said, “In unregulated areas, the sale price is rising in line with the market price, but the subscription atmosphere will become hotter rather than slowing down.”


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