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‘1 swimming pool’s worth’ of wine gurgling on the road… The excess liquor storage exploded.

A wine tank exploded at a winery in Portugal메이저사이트, spilling about 2.2 million liters of wine onto the street.

Local Portuguese media and the New York Times reported on the 12th that on the 10th (local time), two red wine storage tanks exploded at a winery in Anadia, Aveiro, Portugal, spilling 2.2 million liters of wine onto the streets. 2.2 million liters is enough to fill an Olympic swimming pool measuring 50 meters wide, 21 meters long, and 2 meters high. In a video posted on

social networking service ( SNS ), wine poured into houses and roads near the winery and flowed quickly like a torrent. It seemed as if the residential road suddenly turned into a ‘purple river’.

The ‘Destilaria Levira’ brewery posted on Facebook, “An accident occurred in which two wine tanks with protection of origin certification ( DOC ) ruptured. “There were no casualties, but we are sincerely concerned about the damage caused to the area in general and to homes,” he said, apologizing to local residents. The brewery also stated that it would “take full responsibility for the cost of repairing the damage.”

It is said that local authorities were able to prevent river pollution by preventing wine from flowing into nearby rivers. The exact cause of the wine tank bursting has not yet been revealed. Damage to houses and buildings is currently being assessed.

The New York Times pointed out that the ruptured tank was related to the oversupply of wine in Europe. The New York Times said, “Portugal, like other major wine producing countries in Europe such as France and Italy, is suffering from oversupply due to decreased consumption and exports. “The ruptured tank was also used to store surplus wine.”


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