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4 consecutive wins LG-2 consecutive wins SSG. The success of the Battle of Incheon tied for first place. Winning is the sole 1st place

The LG Twins and SSG Landers won side by side on the 21st and maintained a tie for first place, drawing attention from all baseball fans to the confrontation between the two at SSG Landers Field in Incheon from the 23rd.

The main event of this weekend’s 3-game series was the Busan 3-game series between SSG and Lotte Giants. SSG took first place with 24 wins, 1 draw and 13 losses with a win rate of 60 49, and Lotte met 21 wins and 12 losses with an odds of 6 3 6 and 1 game difference in 2nd place. LG took 1st place with 24 wins and 14 losses and an odds ratio of 60 3 0 2 Lee and placed 3rd by half a game difference.

Lotte won the first game on the 19th, 7-5, and rose to first place. SSG is in 3rd place without a game car. LG won over Hanwha, and in terms of odds, it was second behind Lotte, but strange 1st and 2nd places were created ahead of the anti-game car.

On the 20th, SSG regained the top spot by winning 5-0 with Kim Gwang-hyun’s brilliant counterattack. And as LG recorded a draw with Hanwha, SSG and LG tied with 25 wins, 1 draw and 14 losses, becoming tied for first place. Lotte is 3rd by 1 game difference.

On the 21st, LG and SSG won. LG defeated Hanwha 4-1, and SSG overcame Lotte’s pursuit and won 6-3. LG and SSG maintained a tie for first place with 26 wins, 1 draw and 14 losses, and Lotte finished third with 22 wins and 14 losses, two games behind.

SSG, who took the winning series with 2 wins and 1 loss to the formidable Lotte, will play for first place again from the 23rd.

Coincidentally, since they tied for first place, the first place was overshadowed in their first match on the 23rd.

LG is aiming for the lead in 26 days since April 27 (15 wins and 8 losses). In the meantime, despite having a three-way battle with SSG and Lotte, they have never been able to rise to the top spot alone in May. If they had won against Hanwha on the 20th, they could have taken the lead alone, but they had to be satisfied with a tie for the lead in a 1-1 draw after 12 overtimes.

Last week, LG recorded 2 wins and 1 loss against last-place KT Wiz and 2 wins and 1 draw against 9th place Hanwha. While running 4 consecutive wins, it is running in first place with 11 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses (0.786 win rate) in May alone. SSG also ranked second in May with 11 wins, 1 draw and 6 losses (0.647 win rate).

With LG’s current rotation, there is a high possibility of meeting SSG with Lim Chan-kyu, Lee Ji-gang, and Casey Kelly, and SSG will start Oh Won-seok on the 23rd, and Loennis Elias, a new foreign pitcher, will sortie on the 24th. On the 25th, it seems that Park Jong-hoon will make a sortie. SSG would be disappointed that Kwang-Hyun Kim and Kirk McCarty could not play against Lotte and LG. Since the selection is not strong, there is a high possibility of a winner in the bullpen fight.

Last year, the two often fought for first place, and in the end, SSG won and won the wire-to-wire championship without losing the first place. In the first confrontation between SSG and LG on April 25-27, LG took the winning series with 2 wins and 1 loss. LG is on a winning streak, and SSG has maintained its first place in the winning series by winning two consecutive victories despite the tremendous cheering of Lotte fans in Busan.안전놀이터

The joint first place on the rise faces off. Will SSG maintain its No. 1 position by creating a winning series for LG following Lotte? Or will LG take the sole lead? Lotte, who fell to third place by two games, will play three consecutive matches against NC Dinos in Busan from the 23rd.


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