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“5.42 million cups in one day,” ‘Alcohol Latte’ caused a craze in China

This is a coffee store in China.

The employees are busy making coffee while receiving a flood of orders!

Delivery company employees also appear to be busy delivering loads of packaged coffee.

This coffee menu created a craze for orders throughout China as soon as it was released that day!

This is a so-called alcohol latte jointly launched by Moutai, a premium traditional Chinese liquor manufacturer, and a local coffee brand.

It is a 53-percent alcohol content Moutai liquor added to a regular메이저사이트 cafe latte, and 5.42 million cups were sold on the first day of launch.

It is said to have achieved a new single-day sales record for a single product in the history of the coffee brand, with sales of 100 million yuan or 18.2 billion won in Korean currency.

Since last year, Moutai has been attempting product diversification and brand collaboration strategies to target young people who are reluctant to drink strong alcohol.

In addition, thanks to the recent wave of patriotic consumption in China, this alcoholic latte containing traditional liquor is also analyzed to have gained sensational popularity.


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