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A bull that disappeared into the ground… Head-first stuck upside down in a hole 

At a farm in England, a bull suddenly got 메이저사이트sucked into a hole that had formed in the paddock floor. According to the BBC

on the 12th (local time), farmers at Witten Castle Country Park in Bishop Auckland, near Durham County, England, discovered a round hole in the floor of the paddock while patrolling on a recent morning. When I got closer, I saw a bull lying head down in the ground. Farmers installed a winch device here and pulled the cow up by tying a string to the cow’s hind legs and pulling it with a tractor from the other side.

Fortunately, the cow did not die, and after a while it got up on its own. His legs must have been stiff for a long time, so he walked unsteadily, and the other cows that lived with him gathered around as if they were worried and asked, “Are you okay?”

The media reported that it was unknown how the bull ended up being sucked into this small hole or how long it was trapped.

Farmers assumed that the cow had been sucked into a sinkhole that suddenly formed.

Wittoncastle Country Park National Park staff filmed the rescue process and posted it on Facebook, and it is now gaining explosive popularity on social media.


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