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A female policewoman who went to a cafe while wearing ‘plain clothes’ while on duty… The identity of the woman who called “Hey”

A female police officer who was tracking a member of a voice phishing organization went undercover at the scene in plain clothes and arrested the criminal suspect.

If you look at the video uploaded by the National Police메이저사이트 Agency on the YouTube channel on the 26th with the title “The reason why the police officer who was drinking coffee went out”, the police officer in question is going somewhere in a private vehicle in plain clothes at around 2:20 pm on the 13th.

It was a dispatch to go undercover after receiving intelligence that the voice phishing victim was planning to deliver the money in contact with the cash collection agency. After arriving at the cafe at the meeting place, this police officer from the Gujeuk Police Station in Yuseong-gu, Daejeon chooses and orders like a customer. She and she sat in a seat with a good view outside and watched the situation closely.

After a while, a suspicious woman appeared in front of the cafe. This woman was a cash collector waiting for the victim. The victim who followed handed the woman a shopping bag full of money. The police officer who was watching this process witnessed the moment of the crime with the camera he brought, and hit the scene just before the two broke up.

Seeing the police officer in plain clothes, the woman in the collection book asked, “Why?” as if embarrassed by the police officer’s words, “Come here.” In response, the police officer notified the woman of the ‘Miranda Principle’, which informs her of the alleged crime and the point of her arrest, and arrested the woman as a red-handed criminal for fraud.

The woman, who denied her wrongdoing, admitted all charges while she was headed to Earth Station. This police officer safely returned 19 million won in cash to the victim.

The police said, “Public institutions such as the prosecution, the police, and the Financial Supervisory Service never ask for cash,” and “we will make Korea safe from voice phishing.”


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