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“A friend’s house, which my son left, asks for 500,000 won for food… Should I give it to you?”

A mother raising her elementary school son by herself asked for advice, saying she was overcharged for food after entrusting her child to her son’s school friend’s parents.On the 27th, Mr. A posted an article on the online community Natepan with the title, ‘Do I have to pay for the food my child ate at a friend’s house?’According to the post, Mr. A, who is raising a 9-year-old son and goes to work, picks up the child after the academy ends, but when he can’t do that, the child asks permission to go to a friend’s house, saying, “Can I stay with a friend who goes메이저사이트 to school and academy together?” Thanks to Mr. A, the burden was relieved, and the child lived at her friend’s house for about a month.Afterwards, Mr. A visited her friend’s house with her child for the weekend to thank her son’s friend’s parents. My son’s friend’s parents were running a Chinese restaurant.Mr. A said, “I prepared a gift and a gift certificate as a thank you, but my friend’s mother handed out the receipt, saying, ‘The price of food my child ate for a month. , And it was almost 500,000 won money, including tray jjajang.”Embarrassed, Mr. A said, “If my child orders jajangmyeon, he won’t be able to eat half of it. But what kind of soy sauce is it, what kind of sauce is it, what kind of sauce is it, how can my child eat it alone,” he said. My kid isn’t some kind of food fighter, doesn’t it make sense?”However, the mother of her son’s friend, Mr. B, said, “I’m asking for money for the food your child ate. What’s the problem?”Mr. A said, “I am willing to pay if it is to a certain extent.” I am angry because I feel that my grateful and grateful heart has completely disappeared and that I am using my child to sell money.”“Do I have to pay? If you have to pay, how much do you have to pay?”Netizens who saw the post responded such as “How can a 9-year-old child eat sweet and sour pork and prawns alone?” “Do you want to do that to your son’s friend?”On the other hand, other netizens said, “My friend’s mother overcharged for the food she ate was a problem, but Mr. A, who leaves the baby with a salesperson and tries to pass it off with a gift certificate, is also a problem.” Negative reactions followed, such as “I was offended if I left my child without a case, so I charged money.”


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