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A true test bed for the ‘irresistible generational change’ of Korea Expressway Corporation

“Winning is just the snow that fell yesterday.” These are the famous words of Linus Michels, who founded Total Soccer in the Netherlands. It may be the words of the Korea Expressway Corporation High Pass Volleyball Team, which won the V-League Women’s Division this season.

The moment of victory was sweet, but it is because the road construction’s full-fledged test bed begins with the upcoming season. A full-fledged generational shift begins to fill the spot where veteran Jeong Dae-young and ace Park Jung-ah left.

Road construction has been a traditional team of veterans since before. The average age of the main players is over 30 years old, and in the case of Jeong Dae-young, there are quite a lot of players who are old enough to be on the court as active players even though they are of an unbelievable age. Because of this, unlike other teams that undergo a gradual generational change, most of the players in the road construction were stationary.

It was the same this season when he won the championship. Only Ahn Ye-rim, Lee Ye-dam, and Kim Se-in were given a chance, but it was limited, and most of the time, existing players such as Park Jung-ah, Moon Jeong-won, Jeong Dae-young, Jeon Sae-yan, Bae Yu-na, and Lim Ok-ok played most of the time. was able to achieve

However, in the free agency market that unfolded after the championship, the road construction was put in a situation where it had to accept an irresistible generational change. Veteran middle blocker Jung Dae-young left for GS Caltex, and Park Jung-ah, who played the role of an ace and led the team to win, left for Pepper Savings Bank for a new challenge. From the road construction point of view, two key members out of the six main members who led the championship were lost at once.

Now, the road construction must enter into a full-fledged generational shift. Fortunately, all of the key players except for Park Jung-ah and Jeong Dae-young succeeded in catching them. Bae Yu-nawa agreed to the center’s highest treatment of 550 million won, and  Moon Jeong-won and Jeon Sae-yan agreed to 250 million won and 210 million won, respectively.

However, the key now is for players to narrow the gap between the senior players and the rookie players who will be entering the upcoming season. It is expected that the era of the Spring and Autumn Warring States will unfold in the outside heater Park Jung-ah left this season. Sae-Yan Jeon, Ye-Rim Lee, Se-In Kim, and Ye-Eun Lee,메이저사이트 who is the main player in winning the championship match, are expected to compete.

The middle blocker that Dae-Young Jeong has left is urgently needing to find Yoo-Na Bae’s mate. Depending on how much Lee Ye-dam, who started receiving opportunities this season, grows, it seems that the success of the generational change in Korea Expressway Corporation can be determined.

Now, the irresistible future has unfolded. Indeed, leaving behind the snow that fell yesterday of the victory, attention is focused on what new appearance the road construction will have and what new players will be able to fill the positions of the departed players.


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