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“A UK Jamboree guest who complimented Korea on a hot summer night”

A restaurant owner told the story of his apology, saying, “I’m sorry as a Korean,” while serving cold beer to the British Jamboree members who came in sweating in the hot weather. He also said that the British crew responded by saying, “I know Korea is a good country.”

On the 11th, an article titled ‘British guests on a hot summer night’ was posted on an online community. Mr. A, who identified himself as the restaurant owner, got lucky by saying, “Two ladies came into the store sweating at around 7:00 p.m. while spending their daily lives.”

Mr. A said, “I asked them if they had participated in the메이저사이트 Jamboree after looking at their clothes, and I heard the answer ‘yes'”. As a Korean, I’m sorry. Please do not hate other people in Korea. It’s just that the Korean government isn’t doing well right now,” he said. Then he said, “I asked if I had a beer and gave it to you.”

He said, “We made the air conditioning stronger for those who were hotter, and the two ladies who were drinking cold beer said things like ‘I know Koreans are very kind’ and ‘I know Korea is an impressive and nice country’. They gave me a Jamboree patch and a card for a university near their UK home,” he explained.

Mr. A said, “They invited me to take a picture with them, and I also asked permission, ‘Can I take another picture with my cell phone?’ and then took a picture with them.” I am also grateful to my colleagues at the store who were kind to me.”

Meanwhile, the ‘2023 World Scout Jamboree’, held in Saemangeum, Buan-gun, Jeollabuk-do, ended its 12-day journey with a closing ceremony and a K-pop concert on the 11th. After the concert, the members moved to their existing accommodations or accommodations that made it easy to prepare for departure, and had personal maintenance time such as organizing luggage. The crew will depart sequentially from the morning of the 12th according to the schedule of each country.


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