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Alien body could be the ‘Frankenstein mummy’… Debate over authenticity gets hotter

‘Bodies of non-human beings’ claimed, 2 mummies revealed again

“One of the two bodies is female, with eggs inside”

Academics also deplore ‘rehashing nonsense’… The weight of an indigenous child’s mummy

continues to be debated after a monster appeared바카라사이트 at a Mexican Congress hearing with claims that it was an alien body. In particular, some experts dismissed it as an ordinary creature on Earth and pointed out that it could be a hoax.

According to Reuters on the 16th (local time), Mexican journalist Jose Jaime Mausan (70) again unveiled two mummies at his office in Mexico City, claiming that they were “the bodies of non-human beings.” At a congressional hearing on the 12th, Mausan also revealed a body said to have been discovered deep in the sandy coast near Nazca, Peru, in 2017. These two bodies, which Mausan claims to have been 1,000 years old, have human-like features, including a pair of eyes, arms, and legs.

However, it has three fingers on each side and its skull is elongated backwards like the main character in the movie ‘ ET’ , making it difficult to regard it as a human being. Mausan also claimed that “one of the two bodies was female,” and that “the analysis showed that there were eggs inside the body.”

José de Jesus Salce Benítez, director of Mexico’s Naval Health Sciences Institute, continued to defend Mausan’s claims during congressional hearings. Benítez said, “ DNA compared to over 1 million species of living things.“Based on the examination, the body has nothing to do with what is known by science or human knowledge up to this moment or what has been described as Frankenstein,” he said.

On the other hand, Reuters pointed out that this claim has already been proven false by many scientists and may be a hoax that could lead to criminal charges. Elsa Tomasto-Cahigao, a renowned Peruvian biology and anthropologist, lamented, “Is such nonsense still circulating in the open?” He said, “The previous ruling is valid,” and asked, “If we continue to repeat the decision again and again and there are people who believe in it, what can we do?” A Mexican scientist who reviewed the DNA and carbon dating test

provided by Mausan also estimated that “the body belongs to an ordinary living organism on Earth.” Julieta Fierro, a scientist at the National Autonomous University of Mexico ( UNAM ), said, “There is nothing mysterious about it that suggests it is a compound of life that does not exist on Earth.” In relation to this, Mausan explained, “It is not directly related to the two bodies that the prosecutor in question showed at the National Assembly.” It is claimed that in order to prevent damage to the body, DNA tests were conducted on another body, Victoria, remaining in Peru . Mausan reiterated his claim that the discovery of the body, which he said was an alien, was “the most important thing that has ever happened to humanity.”

Meanwhile, most of the bodies presented with alien claims in Central and South America were analyzed to be child mummies made before the arrival of European conquerors. Some of these corpses took on a bizarre appearance because their limbs had been cut off and joined with parts of the corpses of other animals. David Spergel, who studied unidentified aerial phenomena ( UAP ) at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration ( NASA ), suggested that if such bodies were found, the specimens should be entrusted to the scientific community.


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