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Anton’s pride “will be the best center back in the K-League… Daejeon’s defensive skills are excellent”

Daejeon Hana Citizen’s defender Anton showed strong confidence in himself and the team.

Daejeon,스포츠토토 which achieved promotion to the K-League 1 after 8 years, promoted reinforcement of foreign center backs last winter, and announced the recruitment of Azerbaijan national team defender Anton on February 21, 5 days before the first game. The timing of joining did not matter to Anton. Anton started immediately against Gangwon FC in the first round and led the team to a scoreless victory. At that time, teammate Cho Yoo-min, who worked with Anton for the first time in an official game, praised the new teammate, saying that he would be the best center back in the K-League.

Jo Yu-min’s prediction was not wrong. Anton continued to play an active role even after the opening match and became an indispensable player in the match. He plays in 12 K-League 1 matches between left wingback and centerback. Aside from his performance, his influence on the team is growing. We are moved together by the first goal of the K-League 1 by a young colleague, and when the game is tense, we raise the morale of our teammates and set the mood.

Confidence in himself and his teammates underlies his performance. In a written interview, Anton said, “I agree with my colleagues that I will become the best center back in the K-League. I am proud that I can become the best center back with the help of my fellow players.”

– You quickly adapted to the K-League. I went straight to the starting lineup from the opening game, and I remember that my colleagues, including Cho Yu-min, evaluated that I would be the best center back in the K-League.

When I first arrived, I thought it would be difficult to adapt because I had to be separated from my family and there were cultural and linguistic differences, but it was easier than I thought. His colleagues were very helpful. He approached me in a friendly way and helped me, so there was no burden. He agrees with his colleagues that he will be the best center back in the K-League. He prides himself on being able to become a top-notch centre-back with the help of his fellow players on the field.

– I’ve faced each K-League 1 team once, but what about the K-League that I’ve experienced firsthand? It’s

difficult for all teams to deal with. It comes out strong in every competitive situation. I think this is the strength of the K-League. You have to prepare thoroughly each week. It is a good opportunity to develop. It is good to learn a new soccer culture in a new environment.

– Will there be a memorable player or team?

The player is Suwon FC Lars. I have good physical conditions and strong strength, so I remember that it was difficult to deal with. The team is Ulsan Hyundai. I couldn’t play against Ulsan last time due to the suspension penalty, but as I watched, there were many technical and clever players. Looking forward to the upcoming Ulsan game.

– I digest the left center bag or left wing bag, but when deployed as a wing bag, the attack instinct stands out.

There is no particularly preferred position, and I run according to the director’s demands. When I play center back, I pay more attention to the air ball competition, and when I play wingback, I pay more attention to the attack as well as the defense. Common sidebacks think of crosses first, but I tend to finish them off once I attack.

– In Daejeon, the evaluation of each defender’s performance is high, but it seems that there are many conceded points. It is

true that our defenders’ individual capabilities are high. It’s important to make up for each other’s weaknesses, but it wasn’t long after I joined. The hiatus that Daejeon couldn’t play in the K-League 1 was also long. As time goes on, you will be able to show a good appearance by uniting more.

– Not long ago, when striker Jeon Byeong-gwan, born in 2002, scored his first K-League 1 goal, the congratulatory scene was impressive. He seems to be thrilled himself, but

when he scores a goal, he feels a lot of emotions. I saw the officer’s face and he was crying. I thought that the emotions I felt at that time would be important to the Byeonggwan’s soccer career. So he lifted it up and congratulated him. The players around him must have felt the same way.

– Among the fans, the way he actively encouraged the players after the halftime match against Suwon FC in the 12th round became a hot topic

. At the time, I thought it was a moment where I had to speak, so I told a story that could motivate the team members. It is also because of the nature of the position. Center back is the position where you can see our team as a whole, except for the goalkeeper. I brought it up because I thought the opponent would come out stronger in the second half.

– You seem to have completely melted into the team in 3 months. Some joke that he is a ‘local boy’ from Daejeon’s youth team. Where is he from? He

was born in Ukraine and lived until the age of 16. He spent much of his childhood in Mariupol. It’s a different story, but it’s a pity that the city where I spent my childhood is gone because of the war. At the age of 18 he went to Azerbaijan, where he got his nationality and went through the age national team. If you’re curious, I can write a self-introduction (laughs).

– Have you ever heard the saying ‘you should confiscate your passport’? It is an expression that Korean fans use when a foreign player does well to wish them to stay on the team for a long time.

When they won 3-2 against FC Seoul, they were resting at home and messages on social media poured in. I was surprised by the number of text messages in the context of taking my passport. At first I thought it was sincere. I later realized it was a joke. I keep my passport at home.

– If there is a message you want to convey to Daejeon fans,

fans think you are the 12th player. When it is difficult on the field, the cheers and cheers of the fans are a great source of energy for the players. Thank you for every moment. We ask for your support in the next match.


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