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Apartment parking fee 80,000 won → 620,000 won… Why did residents cheer instead of curse?

Parking fees at an apartment complex in Gyeonggi-do have been raised by an excessively large amount, sparking controversy. The apartment allows residents to use one vehicle for free, but an additional fee of 20,000 won is charged for the second vehicle or more.

Recently, a post titled ‘Parking fee for an apartment complex in Gyeonggi-do’ has become a hot topic in multiple online communities.

According to the post, on this day, an apartment management office in Gyeonggi-do increased parking fees by up to 6.7 times the existing amount.

The existing parking fee for this apartment was free for 1 car, 20,000메이저사이트 won for 2 cars, 50,000 won for 3 cars, and 80,000 won for 4 cars.

In this rate system reform, this apartment maintained the existing rates for the first and second units. On the other hand, the price was significantly increased from 50,000 won to 270,000 won for the 3rd generation, and from 80,000 won to 620,000 won for the 4th generation.

Most netizens who heard the story left favorable reviews of the management office, saying it was an “excellent choice.”

They responded, “These days, it’s hard to park even if you only own one car, so I think it’s good,” “It seems like it’s absolutely necessary in apartment complexes,” and “I think houses with three or four cars cause a lot of trouble to others.”

On the other hand, some netizens expressed reactions such as “Still, the fee is too far out of line” and “It is too much without prior notice.” Another netizen commented on the sudden increase in parking fees, saying, “It is because residents pay to register external vehicles.”

According to the current law, the standard for parking lots is an average of 1 or more parking spaces per household (0.7 or more if the exclusive area per household is 60㎡ or less). This standard has been maintained for 27 years since its revision in 1996.

However, the number of registered cars is steadily increasing, and as of the end of June this year, the cumulative number of registered cars reached 25,757,201. This is a 1% increase compared to the end of last year (25,503,078 units).

Considering that the registered resident population in Korea is 51,392,745 as of June this year, 1 out of 1.99 people owns a car.


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