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Assault and water torture for eating leftover ramen… Hellish cohabitation ‘four years in prison’

A man in his 40s who brought a co-worker, a woman in her 40s, and her son to his house and assaulted and tortured them while staying together, was sentenced to prison and appealed, but the appeal was dismissed.

On the 29th, Criminal Division 2-3 of the Busan High Court (presiding judge Kim Dae-hyun) dismissed the appeal of Mr. A (47), who was sentenced to 4 years in prison in the first trial on charges of serious injury, extortion, and special assault. The appeal filed by the son of Mr. A, who was sentenced to three years in prison and five years of probation in the first trial after being charged with serious injury, joint assault, and assault, was also dismissed. The appeal of the prosecutor, who appealed that the sentence was too small, was also not accepted.

A and B (48, female), who were co-workers, became closer as their sons went to the same middle school. In August 2016, when Mr. B left the house with his son C (then 17 years old) after an argument with her husband, Mr. A willingly brought them into his house with his wife’s permission.

Mr. B helped Mr. A with housework or personal business, and Mr. A also treated Mr. B and C as his family at first. However, after a month or two, Mr. A revealed his true colors. Mr. A, under the pretext of discipline from C, took off C’s clothes and then shot a BB gun several times at major parts of his body.

When C was caught stealing a motorcycle with Mr. A’s stepson, D, and was sent to a juvenile detention center, the assault began to intensify. Mr. A punched and kicked메이저사이트 Mr. B, saying, ‘I have no intention of working and I live a frustrating life’.

In January 2017, C ordered Mr. B to beat his son directly for running away from Mr. A’s house. Violence was repeated on the grounds that Mr. B had borderline intellectual disability, which was diagnosed as intellectual disability.

His father’s assault was also joined by his son, Army D. Group D assaulted Mr. B because the victims tried to run away, and Mr. C placed thumbtacks under his knees and stomach after making him assume a foolish posture.

Mr. B was also seriously injured, requiring 8 weeks of treatment, because he secretly ate leftover ramen. Mr. A told Mr. D, ‘Do it yourself’, and Mr. D put Mr. B on the floor and stepped on or kicked him several times, fracturing his ribs.

On another day, Mr. D poured toothpaste and body wash into the bathroom basin because the victims secretly ate food in the house, and then inserted and removed the heads of Mr. B and C several times.

Mr. A also ordered Mr. B, who was frightened by violence and torture, to collect money from her in-laws and received 2.62 million won over nine times.

The defendants denied the crime, saying, “There was no motive to assault the victims, and the victims were free to go out at the time of living together,” and “the victims’ statements are too absurd and irrational.”

The first trial judge said, “Mr. A committed the crime together with his stepson while pretending to be a real impersonator, so the crime is serious and the punishment is not very good.” , suffered mental pain,” he explained.

The appellate court said, “Even though the victim and her son have been separated for a considerable period of time and have not had time to conspire to make false statements, they make vivid statements about specific facts.” No circumstances have been found in which false statements were made by risking false facts.”

Meanwhile, the defendants, dissatisfied with the judgment of the second trial, filed an appeal to the Supreme Court.


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