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‘Austin sickness’ LG outsiders, this time it’s really different

Austin Dean (30), the name that will end the ‘LG Foreigner Cruelty’.

The slope that professional baseball LG longed for has arrived. In the place of the foreign hitter who suffered from headaches every season, a ‘filial son’ finally appeared. Austin, who signed a contract with LG after twists and turns this season and stepped into the KBO league, is announcing a smooth start by making a big success from the beginning of the season.

As of the 15th, he has played 35 games and has a batting average of 0.351 (47 hits in 148 at-bats), 4 homers and 28 RBIs. His batting average was 3rd in the league and his RBI was tied for 2nd, emerging as one of the leading power hitters in the entire league.

He boasts versatility with no obvious weaknesses. Above all, he consistently shows decent ability to produce hits, with only 6 games in which he failed to hit. Although it is not revealed by simple batting average, the value of a hitter who can expect at least one hit in every game is very high.

He shines more in clutch situations. He was ranked 8th in the league with a 0.378 batting average in scoring position. Even though he digests the most scoring at-bats (55 times) with his teammates’ active attacks, he does his part without being weighed down by the pressure. You can also see the value in the final stroke. He scored 7 final hits in the season, surpassing SSG’s Guillermo Eridia (6) and is running for the top spot in the league in this category.

Not to mention the league’s adaptability, which is unknown in numbers. He energizes the team with his passionate base run every time and does not hesitate to hold a fierce ceremony with his teammates. On the 13th, in the Daegu Samsung game, after stepping on the home plate by Moon Bo-kyung’s timely hit, he also induced sliding by lying down on the home plate for Oh Ji-hwan, who came in after. This is the part where you can see his mindset in the KBO league.

At this rate, LG can erase the ‘foreign batter’s nightmare’, which was a winning theme. LG did not have a good relationship with the foreign beasts. Last season, Rio Ruiz had a batting average of 0.155 in 27 games and Mabel Garcia had a batting average of 0.206 in 39 games.

The same goes for going back to the past. 토스카지노Josh Bell (2014), Jack Hannahan (2015), James Roni (2017), Adonis Garcia (2018), Tommy Joseph, Carlos Peguero (2019 and above), Justin Bohr (2021), etc. The names are numerous.

But this Austin is really different. LG hopes that ‘Hyoja Foreigner’ will become a key player in the long-cherished business of winning the Korean Series for the first time in 29 years.


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