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‘Beautiful golfer’ Lee Se-hee, best day with personal lowest score

‘Beautiful golfer’ Lee Se-hee (26, COSBALL) had the best day since her professional debut.

In the second round of the 2023 KLPGA Tour ‘OK Financial Group Shotman Open’ held at the Club 72 Haneul Course in Yeongjong, Incheon on the 16th, Lee Se-hee reduced 8 strokes without a single bogey and recorded an intermediate total of 10 under par 134 strokes, moving her ranking up 20 places. It rose and settled in sole 5th place.

8 under par in one round is the lowest personal score in the first division tour. Previously, Se-hee Lee recorded 6-under-par 66 in the final round of the 2021 Celltrion Queen’s Masters, and she also finished the round with 6-under-par once more in the second round of this season’s McCall-Mona Yongpyeong Open with SBS Golf.

Of course, she shot 64 (-8) in the 2018 seed ranking match and in the first round of the 2020 KBC Dream Tour with WEST OCEAN CC, but comparing the메이저사이트 importance and weight of the tournament, it is no exaggeration to say that this was the best day for Lee Se-hee personally. This is not it.

Lee Se-hee, who recorded a career best, said, “It feels great to record such a low score for the first time in a while. In the meantime, he struggled with his shots and even tried changing shafts. After that, I felt like it fit my body well and I think that led to my good shot today,” he explained.

In fact, on this day, Sehee Lee showed off a very accurate shot. Basically, he kept the fairway well and hit most of the balls near the hole cup with the accuracy of his iron shots. The only hole that went off the green in an on-green attempt was the 13th hole (par 4), and even here he was able to maintain par and improve his ranking.

Lee Se-hee said, “I lowered the shaft one step at a time, and since it is the second half of the year, I am physically weak, so fitting accordingly was a big help,” and “Through conversations with the coach, I also corrected the problems that had appeared so far.” . “At the same time, he was able to return to last year’s routine.”

Lee Se-hee is now able to aim for the championship. However, he showed a resolute attitude that he would not worry too much.

Lee Se-hee said, “I need to come up with a strategy for tomorrow (the final round), but I think it’s more important not to be too conscious of it. “I was greedy because I wanted to hit well on the last day, and there were times when I missed several shots,” he said, smiling brightly, adding, “Rather than preparing too much, I think it’s more important to understand what I need to focus on now.”

Meanwhile, Se-hee Lee’s personal best score is a tie for 9th place at the 2021 Celltrion Queen’s Masters, and a tie for 14th place at the Nexen/St. Nine Masters this season.


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