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Because of the stench?’ Why did Neville oppose Conte’s move to Manchester?

Director Conte always stinks at the end.”

It was a sharp criticism from ‘Man United legend’ Gary Neville. Conte parted ways with Tottenham on the 27th of last month (Korean time). It was the expected sequence. Tottenham’s recent performance has been very ups and downs. In March, they lost 0-1 in the Wolverhampton expedition. They turned the atmosphere around by defeating Nottingham 3-1 at home, but they led 3-1 in the previous Southampton away match and conceded 2 goals with 16 minutes left in the game to draw 3-3. Tottenham struggled to keep 4th place in the league with 49 points. It is 1 point away from 3rd place Manchester United (50 points) and 2 points away from 5th place Newcastle (47 points). However, United and Newcastle have played two less matches than Tottenham.

Tottenham must secure the top 4 in the regular league to compete in the European Champions League in the next 2023-2024 season. Tottenham are already far from winning this season. They have been eliminated from the European Champions League, FA Cup and League Cup. Tottenham last won the League Cup in 2008. The indifference is getting too long.

In this situation, coach Conte added fuel to the fire. After a 3-3 draw with Southampton, it exploded at the press conference.바카라사이트 He vomited his inner thoughts toward the players and the club. He shot it like he was determined. The gun was also aimed at the high-ranking officials of the Tottenham club. After Conte’s press conference, some of Tottenham’s players complained that they could no longer trust Conte. This press conference was decisive. Tottenham eventually pulled the knife.

When Conte parted ways with Tottenham, Neville helped. According to the Daily Mail, Neville said: “Conte has a bad precedent that always stinks at the end of his time at the club, so he wished he hadn’t come to United.” Conte was strongly linked to Manchester United prior to the appointment of Eric ten Haag. “What has happened in the past few months has not been necessary. The players are tired of Conte, and Conte is tired of the players. It was inevitable,” Neville said.


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