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‘Bento’s successor, annual salary of 1 billion ↓ Korean coach’ theory… mouth open

The Korea Football Association (KFA) directly responded to the various ‘seol’ about the appointment of the next coach when coach Paulo Bento, who had put Korean football in the World Cup round of 16 after 12 years, decided to leave the national team after 4 years and 4 months. made a stand

On the 10th, the Korea Football Association denied some media reports related to the appointment of the next national team manager through its official Instagram. The Korea Football Association said, “It is a statement from an official of the association, and even absurd conditions such as ‘appointment as a Korean leader’, ‘an annual salary of less than 1 billion won’, and even ‘a leader with strong patriotism’ are being reported. The name of a specific person is sometimes mentioned as a potential candidate,” he said. “The above is completely different from the truth.”

“It is doubtful who the anonymous official (who reported to the media) is, and even if an official from the Korea Football Association made such a statement, it is only his personal opinion and not the official position of the association,” he emphasized.

Previously, speculative articles related to Bento’s successor were poured out, and a radio interview by a sports reporter drew great attention. He said, “(For the next coach), the general direction of the Football Association is likely to be determined by a Korean coach. There is ‘patriotism’ in the background of appointing a Korean coach. It seemed that the annual salary was set at less than 1 billion won to some extent.”

The Football Association said, “According to the rules and procedures, the national team coach appointment will be taken over by the National Team Power Reinforcement Committee within the association.” It is not the time to talk 스포츠토토 about whether or not you are a foreigner, and it is not the time to discuss detailed conditions such as annual salary,” he drew a line.

He continued, “Even in the process of appointing Bento coach four years ago, there were numerous speculative reports using anonymity, such as ‘persons who know the internal circumstances’ or ‘sources knowledgeable in the football world’.” “However, most of the articles were different from the actual conclusions. ” he pointed out. At the same time, he asked, “Please do not make hasty predictions regarding the appointment of the national team coach until there is an official briefing by the Football Association.”

Coach Bento, who led the 2022 Qatar World Cup advance to the round of 16, directly announced at a press conference after the last game against Brazil on the 6th that “I decided not to renew the Korean national team manager position.” He explained that he had already made his decision in September. The fact that there was a difference of opinion over the contract period was known as the reason for the failure to renew the contract, and soccer fans complained.

Coach Bento hoped to guarantee the contract period until the 2026 World Cup, co-hosted by the three North and Central American countries, Canada and Mexico four years later, but the Football Association only renewed the contract until the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup, and then the period according to performance Suggested ways to extend In the end, the two sides could not narrow the difference, and Bento is said to have made up his mind at this time.


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