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‘Blinking the heart ceremony?’ Yang Seok-hwan scolded LOHAS for hitting multiple hits… Director Lee Seung-yeop laughed at the home run.

 ‘Did you forget the LOHAS ceremony?’ Yang Seok-hwan scolded Lohas, who had entered the dugout proudly after hitting multiple homeruns, forgot the heart ceremony.

When Rojas, a foreign hitter for the Doosan Bears, hit two homeruns to repay manager Lee Seung-yeop’s trust, the Lion King smiled for the first time. The bat of Rojas, a foreign batter who had gone down to the 7th batting order as the feeling of hitting decreased, spewed fire.

Suwon KT Wiz Park on the 20th, where the KT Wiz and Doosan Bears played. Until the 3rd inning, there was a tight march of 0 due to the strong pitching of KT Bae-seong and Doosan Alcantara,

starting pitchers from both teams. Heo Kyung-min’s timely hit broke out and Doosan scored the first point. In the 5th inning, Park Gye-beom’s RBI sacrifice fly and Yang Eui-ji’s timely hit succeeded in widening the lead to 3-0.

Rojas entered the plate as the lead batter in the top of the 6th inning. The previous two at-bats ended the attack with a bum hit. After 1S, Bae Seong-seong pulled the 126km changeup with all his might and fired a solo shot. In the last 10 games before the match, he had a batting average of 0.176, 6 hits and 2 home runs. It was the moment when Lohas, who had lost his sense of hitting, reciprocated the trust of manager Lee Seung-yeop with a home run.

Lohas’s bat, which had a good sense of hitting, spewed fire in the next at-bat.

In the 8th inning, pitcher KT Sookwon, who changed to first base safely, pulled the 141km fastball from the second pitch with all his might and passed the batted ball over the right wall. Rojas hit a home run for the first time in Korea. It was a moment when the earnestness of director Lee Seung-yeop, who had given LOHAS faith and opportunity without wavering, worked. This director was more than happy. Lohas, who went around the base and entered the dugout, also shared a high five with a big smile.

At this time, when Yang Seok-hwan scolded Rojas, saying, “Why don’t you do a heart ceremony?” Rojas calmed down with a smile. Rojas’ expression, which had been hardened before the game, widened after hitting consecutive homeruns.

The Heart Ceremony started with Yang Seok-hwan’s idea. After the ceremony, the dugout atmosphere became even warmer. Doosan Bears is conducting a ‘Give Love, Share Love’ campaign with fans in celebration of May, the month of family.

When batters hit a home run, they express their feelings to the fans with a heart ceremony, and 100,000 won per hit and 1 million won per home run are accumulated.

Each player has fun watching baseball with their unique heart ceremony and even raising donations.

He forgot about the heart ceremony, but Yang Seok-hwan approached his younger brother, Rojas, who had fired a series of hits, and patted him on the head.토스카지노

Rojas, a foreign hitter from Doosan, hit homeruns in two consecutive at-bats. His batting average stays in the early 20% range, but it is positive that he focuses on the center of the bat as he plays games. Only when Lohas hits a home run can we see the smile of manager Lee Seung-yeop. I hope to see more frequent explosions in the future.


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