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Both the father and the road construction “My love is on the gold side” 

“My love, the gold one”

Dad held up the championship trophy and kissed the gold one. It was the appearance of a daughter who avoided her father’s beard because it stung, but didn’t hate it.

Korea Expressway Corporation won the second championship in five seasons after the 2017-2018 season by achieving a miraculous upset from the third game, although it lost the first and second games to Heungkuk Life Insurance in the championship match. 

The youngest member Lee Ye-eun, who shook the board with a one-point server, also played a big role in the road construction victory.

It is Lee Ye-eun who monopolizes the love of her sisters to the extent that they are called ‘golden teeth’ in the team.

Lee Ye-eun was replaced as a one-point server during the playoff against Hyundai E&C and helped change his mood.

Even in the championship match, the 3rd game, which was driven to the edge of the cliff, Lee Ye-eun’s serve was decisive in bringing about the flow of the game.

Park Jung-ah said, “My team’s nickname is gold,” and said, “It’s a big game, but I’m grateful for coming in without nervousness and doing my part well.”

Bae Yoo-na also said, “She was unusual from the first time she came to the team. Although we haven’t practiced a lot together, he is a style that understands well the serve or formation requested by the coach and players. She is a friend who is good at carrying out operations, so it seems that the coach trusted and put her in a big game,” she praised the youngest. 

Lee Ye-eun is looking forward to the future.

Manager Kim Jong-min said, “I like players who are strong in big matches, but I haven’t seen that type of player in a long time.” Since he is short, there will be some difficult parts offensively, but his sense, defense and serve ability are good. Please keep an eye on him in the future.”

Lee Ye-eun, a graduate of Jecheon Girls’ High School, was nominated by the Korea Highway Corporation in the 3rd place in the 2nd round of the rookie draft last season.

He made a strong impression as a joker and game changer in the postseason, but played only 9 sets in 5 games in the regular season.크크크벳

Lee Ye-eun, whose goal is to grow into a starter for the upcoming season.

Will he be able to secure the starting position with a fearless ‘wit’?’ Looking forward to the appearance of ‘Golden Side’


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