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Bucheon, challenge to leap again with victory against Seoul E

Bucheon FC 1995 will play a home game against Seoul E-Land in the 8th round of Hana 1 Q K League 2 2023 at Bucheon Sports Complex on the 18th.

Bucheon lost 1:4 in the away game against Kimcheon Sangmu in the last round, and failed to record a 3-game winning streak.

Although the results of the game were not taken care of, Bucheon confirmed the growth potential of promising players by digesting full-time U-22 resources, Seo Myung-gwan and Yoo Seung-hyun. At the same time, Bucheon’s Asian quarter, Japanese midfielder Kaz, showed off his presence in midfield by scoring his first professional debut goal.

Bucheon desperately needs a win in this home game to escape from a three-game winless streak. Before the home game against Seoul E, Bucheon wants to change the atmosphere by checking the defensive line and team organization.

Bucheon had a difficult game against Seoul E. In the league confrontation with Seoul E last year, they failed to record a win with 3 draws and 1 loss, and in particular, they lost to Seoul E in the second round of the ‘Hanawon Q FA Cup 2023’ in March and suffered the loss of the FA Cup. Seoul E is a tricky team with Bucheon’s difficulty, but they must win to recapture the top ranks and to avenge their defeat in the FA Cup.카지노사이트

The upcoming home game will record a page in the history of the club as Bucheon’s 200th professional home game, and in case of victory, it will be the first victory in 1,264 days against Seoul E (last win 2019.11.01. / 3:2 win) It seems to be able to bring more joy to the fans.

Head coach Lee Young-min, ahead of the home game, said, “I want to rethink the most basic things, such as myself, the coaching staff and the players, before playing the game. Rather, I think it’s fortunate that I faced these difficulties at the beginning of the season, not the middle or end of the season. We will win at home in good form and bring about a reversal of the atmosphere as soon as possible.”


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