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Bundes MVP + Munich winger joining… ’23/24 Chelsea Squad’ dreamed of by Nagelsmann

How will the best 11 list change if Julian Nagelsmann becomes Chelsea manager?

On the 3rd (Korean time), England’s The Sun unveiled the expected best 11 that could be operated if Julian Nagelsmann took over as new coach next season.

On the 3rd, Chelsea announced on the club’s official website that they had sacked manager Graham Porter. The rest of the season will be led by coach Bruno Saltor as interim head coach.

Nagelsmann, former manager of Bayern Munich, Mauricio Pochettino, former Tottenham Hotspur manager, and former Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane are being discussed as candidates for the next manager. Chelsea will be carefully reviewing the appointment of a manager, but a clear approach plan must be established as both candidates are sought by many teams.

Locals see Nagelsmann as a strong candidate. The Sun suggested the possibility of joining Chelsea, saying, “Nagelsmann has left Bayern Munich, but he is one of the most sought after coaches in European football.”

At the same time, “If Nagelsman comes to Chelsea, there is a possibility that he will bring familiar players.”

The best roster was a 3-4-3 formation with Christopher Nkunku, Joshko Gbardiol (Leipzig) and Serge Gnabry (Bayern Munich).

Kai Havertz at goalkeeper, Benoit Badiacil, Gbardiol and Wesley Popana at defense. In the midfield, Marc Cucurella, N’Golo Kante, Enso Fernandez, and Rhys James were firmly established, while Nkunku and Gnabry were expected to team up with Kai Havertz in the top three.

The best 11, which can be formed as an alternative if this list cannot be formed, was also introduced.

Leeds United goalkeeper Ilan Mellier was recruited as goalkeeper, and Ben Chilwell, Gbardiol, Tiago Silva and Reese James were expected to stand in defence.

He explained that Enso and Leon Goretzka (Bayern Munich) would work together in midfield, and Nkunku, Havertz, and Gnabri would stand in the second line.바카라사이트 At the forefront, he added, he could bring back Timo Werner, who returned to Germany from Chelsea last year.


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