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Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau divorces after 18 years of marriage

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has ended his 18-year marriage메이저사이트.

Prime Minister Trudeau said in an Instagram post on the 2nd (local time), “My wife Sophie and I have decided to divorce after many meaningful and difficult conversations.” “As always, we will remain with deep love and respect for each other and for all the things we have made and will create together,” he said.

The Canadian Prime Minister’s Office also said the Trudeau couple had signed divorce papers, Reuters reported.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has known his youngest brother’s classmate, Sophie Gregoire, since childhood, and in 2003 they started dating in earnest and got married two years later. He had two sons and one daughter. Ms. Grégoire is a former TV presenter.

The feud between the prime minister and his wife has become known as they have not appeared together in public in recent years. The Prime Minister’s Office said that both the couple are taking special interest in raising their children, and that the family will go on vacation next week. Ms Grégoire will be relocating, but will spend a lot of time at the Prime Minister’s residence to raise her children.

Trudeau’s father, Pierre Trudeau, who served as Prime Minister of Canada for 17 years, also divorced his wife Margaret in 1977 while he was still Prime Minister.


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