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“Can’t you?”… ‘Disco Pang Pang’ operating crew, teenage sexual assault and drug use 

We reported yesterday (10th) that employees of a disco pangpang in Gyeonggi-do forced female students into prostitution and extorted money. It was an abuse of a kind of ‘fan spirit’, and other Disco Pang Pang stores were also using students’ minds like this.

Reporter Kim Bo-mi did the exclusive coverage.

<Reporter Kim Bo-mi> Disco Pang Pang in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, where three

DJs and other employees were arrested.

Even after the incident, other team members filled the vacancy and sales continued.

This is the disco pangpang company that has become a problem.

Let’s take a look at what’s going on with the minors inside.

An employee who picks up teenage female students and does DJing, and remarks that are severe in terms of sales methods continue.

[ DJ : ○○ Ah, are you ready? I will make you my woman can’t you? ]

It has been confirmed that the ‘VVIP system’ is also operated to sell a large number of tickets after winning a favorable impression .

If you buy 50 tickets at 4,000 won per ticket, you will take a picture of the sticker, and if you buy 100 tickets, you will mention your name on the DJ’s personal SNS or write a handwritten letter.

[Regular customer: (If I cut 100 copies, will you date me?) I have to buy 400 to 500 of them at a time. I went to the bowling alley together. ]

Another ‘Disco Pang Pang’ run by the same owner, also has a VIP system, so-called ‘privileges’ such as having the person who bought the most tickets attend a dinner party with DJs .

Only one VVIP led to infinite competition among teenagers.

[ VVIP middle school girl customer: I have to break what the VVIP did, so I can go up to the VVIP and only take the VVIP (dinner). (Some people bought 900 copies.) Oh, that’s me. I think I spent 3-4 million won. My favorite DJ oppa is here too. It’s like a fan. ]

A middle school girl holding a bundle of banknotes, and even a part-time job, are filling up the DJ ‘s performance.

[Middle school girl customer: Yes, I have a part-time job. There is a longevity goal for the day, so I have to fill it. If my older brothers go home from work and I can’t reach it, I have to stay until 12 o’clock before I go. ]

The same goes for other stores in Gyeonggi-do,

[Middle school student customer: (How many do you buy?) Yes, trying to get ( the DJ ‘s) attention… . ]

All the tricks aimed at the hearts and money of teenagers were discovered at every site inspected by the reporters.

(Video coverage: Yoon Hyung, Video editing: Shin Se-eun, VJ : Noh Jae-min)


Our coverage results confirmed that there are about 10 additional criminal charges against the Disco Pang Pang gang, which is suspected of arranging prostitution. . It was also caught that he inhaled drugs following the sexual assault of a minor and illegal filming.

This is reporter Kim Ji-wook’s exclusive report.

<Reporter Kim Ji-wook> The three disco pangpang DJ trainees who

were arrested and indicted were members of an organization connected to a senior DJ , team leader, and chief. Five of them were arrested sequentially from last May, and it was confirmed that there were about 10 charges.

Allegations of sexually assaulting and threatening female victims by calling them directly to their homes and also of sexually assaulting them saying that they would take guests home when the last train was cut off were added.

Police also captured the circumstances of some living in a camp and inhaling synthetic drugs.

[Damaged student: I thought it was an electronic cigarette. When I asked what it was, it was a drug… . ]

It’s a training camp where three trainees and managers lived together.

Their mailboxes are densely packed with official letters from the investigative agency.

The criminal facts of the three trainees were additionally revealed.

Last March, a middle school girl was imprisoned in a hotel and demanded money.

[Damaged student: ○○○ said, ‘Bring 7 million won by the end of this month. ]

When she refused, she assaulted her indiscriminately and even threatened her by taking body shots.

[Victim student: ‘Hey, take off his clothes’. They hit me on the cheek for about 20 times. I couldn’t hear the sound and there was a lot of blood. ] It is known that

the police will decide whether or not to investigate the superiors메이저사이트, such as the actual owner of the establishment, as soon as the pursuit of the DJs’ ‘bonus money’, which is said to exceed 100 million won, is completed.

(Video coverage: Lee Yong-hyung, video editing: Lee Sang-min)


Reporter Kim Ji-wook, who covered this story, is with me.

Q. _ What is the status of Disco Pang Pang nationwide?

[Reporter Kim Ji-wook: There are about 70 such facilities nationwide. This includes Suwon Disco Pang Pang, which we covered, and about 10 companies run by the same president. Disco Pang Pang is classified as a general amusement facility under the current law, and anyone can operate it without restrictions after obtaining permission from the local government and completing safety inspections. ]

Q. _ Are there any employment restrictions?

[Reporter Kim Ji-wook: That’s right. It is true that there is no separate restriction under the current law. There are reasons for disqualification for operating applicants, but there are no employment restrictions for employees like Suwon Disco Pang Pang trainees. Some of the trainees arrested this time are on probation because they have past convictions, but there was no room for them to skip it. In 2019, an amendment to add organic facilities such as Disco Pang Pang to the target of employment restrictions for sex offenders was proposed, but as the 20th National Assembly session ended, this was also discarded. As it is a facility that has a lot of contact with children and teenagers, it is pointed out that it is necessary to strictly limit the qualifications of workers working in these amusement facilities. ]


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