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China executes Korean drug offenders… Ministry of Foreign Affairs “Sorry”

Chinese authorities are known to have executed a Korean메이저사이트 drug offender today (the 4th).

He was arrested and tried for possession of 5 kg of methamphetamine for sale.

The government said it regretted that China executed a Korean citizen.

This is reporter Ji Seong-rim.


An official from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, “We have been informed by the Chinese authorities that the death penalty has been executed for a Korean citizen sentenced to death for ‘selling drugs’.”

“We regret that the death penalty was carried out against our people on a humanitarian basis,” he said.

After the death sentence, the Korean government made several requests to China to reconsider or delay the execution through various channels, but it did not work.

However, an official from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs drew a line, saying that this execution of Mr. A “is judged to have nothing to do with Korea-China relations.”

Mr. A, who lived in China, was arrested in 2014 for possessing 5 kg of methamphetamine for sale and was sentenced to death in both the first trial in 2019 and the second trial in November 2020.

After that, the death penalty was finally decided through the approval review of China’s Supreme People’s Court, and it is known that the Intermediate People’s Court of Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, executed Mr. A.

China has more than 1 kg of opium,

It is the first time in about 9 years since the end of 2014 that a Korean drug offender has been executed in China.

Previously, six Koreans were executed in China, and all of them were drug offenders, except for one who was executed for murder in 2004.

Currently, there are about 70 Koreans serving time in China for drug-related charges, and it is said that there is no other case where the death penalty has been confirmed like this time.


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