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“Choi Won-jong should be sentenced to death” Husband and father started a ‘long fight’

The first trial of Choi Won-jong (22), a suspect in the ‘Bundang Seohyeon Station knife attack’ incident, ended in 10 minutes. Choi Won-jong’s defense team decided to announce whether he would admit to the charges at the next trial date, saying they were unable to review his investigation records. The bereaved families expressed their anger, calling it an “excuse” and “a time-consuming strategy.”

On the 14th, Suwon District Court Seongnam Branch Criminal Division 2 (Chief Judge Kang Hyeon-gu) held the first trial for Choi Won-jong, who was indicted on charges of murder, attempted murder, and preliminary murder.

At the start of the trial, defense lawyer Choi Won-jong said, “We have not yet been able to view the prosecution’s evidence list and records,” and added, “Whether or not the indictment is acknowledged will be announced after the inspection and copying.” Considering the time needed to confirm and copy the investigation records and organize the defendant’s position, the court set the next trial date at 10 a.m. on the 10th of next month and ended the first trial.

“It’s going to be a long fight…the human rights of murderers cannot be respected,”

the bereaved families poured out their anger. Mr. A, the victim’s husband in his 60s, who left the courtroom supported by his family, expressed his frustration at the trial, which ended in 10 minutes, and said, “Seeing as the number of Choi Won-jong’s lawyers has recently increased to four, I think it will be a very long fight.”

He emphasized, “The human rights of murderers should not be respected. This incident requires severe punishment to prevent innocent citizens from being sacrificed.”

Mr. A, who was present at the scene at the time of Choi Won-jong’s car attack, said, “The morning car (driven by Choi Won-jong) hit my wife and passed her, and she fell down bleeding without saying a word.” He added, “When I think about what happened at that time, my eyes turn dark and I worry about the future.” “I don’t know how to live,” he said in agony. Person A, who had difficulty even taking steps, collapsed onto the road.

Mr. A wiped away his tears and recalled his time with his wife, who was his ‘first love.’ He expressed his profound longing, saying, “From the time I was a freshman in college until now, she has been my best friend, lover, and mentor. The times I held hands with my wife while we slept and talked about what happened that day felt like a dream.” He then complained of indescribable pain, saying, “Now that I’m alone, I feel like I’m walking alone through a dark tunnel and it’s hard to even speak.

“What I want is the death penalty… I don’t want life imprisonment without parole”

Mr. B, the father of the late Kim Hye-bin (22), another victim who died in Choi Won-jong’s indiscriminate attack, called for the death penalty for Choi Won-jong. He said, “In my heart, I would rather go to jail and kill the guy who completely took my daughter’s life,” and added, “Nevertheless, I plan to follow the rule of law and trust the Ministry of Justice and fight until the end.”

Hyebin’s bereaved family strongly reprimanded메이저사이트 Choi Wonjong’s unreflective attitude. The bereaved family expressed their anger, saying, “When our Hyebin collapsed, there was not even a single apology, and now they have appointed a lawyer and even requested a closed trial.”

Choi Won-jong recently sent a handwritten letter from prison to a media outlet in which he cried out, “Rather than saying that life in the detention center is difficult, isn’t it right to say to my family, ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘I will take all the punishment and regret it for the rest of my life.'”

He continued, “I have no intention of living under the same sky with a murderer, even if I die,” and added, “Some people around me are talking about life imprisonment without parole, but from our perspective, we want the death penalty.”

Lastly, the bereaved family said, “As parents, we are really grateful that Hyebin’s friends from the university she attended are campaigning for petitions and sending messages of support. We sent her a jacket from the university she liked instead of a shroud, and we will continue to do so in court in the future.” “I will wear it and go out,” he said, asking for continued attention until the sentencing.

Meanwhile, Choi Won-jong appeared on this day with short sports hair, wearing a light brown prison uniform, and black horn-rimmed glasses. After the trial, a cell phone thrown by the victim’s family at Choi Won-jong as he was riding in the Ministry of Justice’s convoy hit the back of his head, and correctional staff covered his head with their hands. Angry bereaved family members and citizens expressed their anger at Choi Won-jong, saying things like, “Hey, you bastard ,” and “I ‘m abandoning you, ” and Choi Won-jong was escorted to the detention center without showing any reaction.

At 5:56 p.m. on the 3rd of last month, Won-jong Choi drove his mother’s morning car onto the sidewalk near the AK Plaza Bundang branch in Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, hitting five people, and then entered a department store and brandished a weapon, injuring nine people. Receive.

The victim, a woman in her 60s who was hit by a car, died three days after the incident, and Hye-bin died on the 28th of the same month while being treated for brain death.


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