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‘Coach Wolkle’ doesn’t go to Tottenham~ ‘Santoo Nightmare’ comes to mind

 Tottenham Hotspur’s appointment of the next manager is a sign that the work will be prolonged. Just a month ago, many famous masters were mentioned, but nothing has progressed. It reminds me of director Nunu Santo’s nightmare in 2021.

The British media ‘Mirror’ reported on the 16th (Korean time) that Tottenham could not abandon their attachment to Xabi Alonso. Alonso is currently manager of Leverkusen.

Mirror said: ‘Tottenham still have Alonso on their shortlist. They want to bring Alonso on as full manager, but he seems to have other plans. Alonso is playing a pivotal role in building Leverkusen’s squad next season. This adds to the prospect that he will remain in Germany.’

Despite Tottenham’s interest, it is said that he is more focused on Leverkusen’s future.

The empty cart is noisy. Tottenham sacked manager Antonio Conte at the end of March. After that, the names of all the great generals were poured out. Mauricio Pochettino, Julian Nagelsmann, Luis Enrique, etc. made a fuss as if they would bring them right away.

Very comparable to Chelsea. Chelsea fired manager Graham Porter about a week after Tottenham. Chelsea, although a latecomer to Tottenham, have already reached an agreement with Pochettino. It is observed that only the announcement is left.

Tottenham contacted Nagelsmann, but it was reported that chairman Daniel Levy expressed disapproval for absurd reasons. Nagelsmann is 35 years old, but he hesitated because he was younger than Hugo Lloris (37), the eldest brother of the team. Nagelsmann, who has nothing to be sorry for, did not look back when Tottenham came out in a bad mood.먹튀검증

It took Tottenham two months to sack manager Jose Mourinho in 2021 and find the next manager. At that time, the atmosphere was similar to now. Nuno Santo was the person who was rejected by all the famous directors and appointed. Santo did not last even six months after the opening and was deprived of the baton. And the manager who appeared as a relief pitcher was Conte.

It is clear why world-class managers do not welcome Tottenham. The British media Telegraph said, ‘Excluding Son Heung-min and Kane, it is at the mid-tier level. He summarized Tottenham as an overrated squad other than Son Heung-min and Kane.


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