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‘Colleague Assault → Munich Headquarters Fury’ Mane, Possibility to Return to Liverpool in One Season

There is a growing possibility that Sadio Mane, who assaulted his teammate, will leave Bayern Munich, and there is a prospect that he will return to Liverpool after one season.

Munich lost 0-3 to Manchester City in the first leg of the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League (UCL) held at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester, England on the 12th. A tight game was expected, but Munich collapsed by conceding consecutive goals to Rodri, Bernardo Silva and Elling Haaland.

Amid undesirable results, controversy arose. Mane punched Leroy Sane in the face after the match. The two had an argument during the game, and at the end of the emotional battle, a physical fight broke out. When he returned to Munich, Sane appeared with his mouth biting tightly as if to hide a broken lower lip.

Violence for any reason was unacceptable. Munich executives are outraged by Manet’s behavior and have imposed their own discipline. In the end, Mane was banned and fined, and apologized in front of his teammates.토토사이트

However, Manet’s relationship with Munich had already cracked. Germany’s ‘Sky Sports’ said, “Mane made a big mistake. It is not acceptable to hit someone in the face, whether it be a teammate or an opponent. He is currently being criticized by the board. “I don’t think it’s coming out. Judging by these things, Munich will be selling Mane this summer if a suitable offer comes along.”

The possibility of returning to Liverpool after one season is being raised. Britain’s ‘Give Me Sports’ said, “Mane can return to Anfield in one season,” and analyzed that Liverpool is also suffering from a lack of attack power, so it is possible enough.


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