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Continuing city knife fighting, arrest of man who committed a weapon riot in a traditional market

While concerns about ‘don’t ask crime’ are growing due to the바카라사이트 murder of a weapon in Sillim-dong, Seoul, it was belatedly confirmed that there had been a similar incident in a traditional market in Seoul.

At around 6:30 on the evening of the 15th, at a traditional market in Jegi-dong, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, a man in his 60s, Mr. Park, was arrested by the police while carrying a weapon and threatening restaurant owners and citizens. Looking at the CCTV installed in the market at the time, a man in a light green vest came out of the restaurant with a weapon, and the surprised citizens saw the man walking with a weapon and backed away. At the time, the weapon Park was holding was 39 cm long, and Park ran through the market alleys with his weapon in his hand, raising or waving the weapon as if threatening passers-by. Afterwards, the police, who were dispatched after receiving a report, hit Park’s hand with a three-barrel and immediately arrested Park as a red-handed criminal , fortunately no human casualties occurred. As a result of the police investigation, Mr. Park disrupted work for about an hour at the restaurant and was kicked out after arguing without paying for food. As it turned out, Mr. Park was released from prison in September of last year and was in the middle of the crime period. A history of committing similar crimes dozens of times in the past

It turns out that there is

On the 20th, Seoul Dongdaemun Police Station arrested and sent Park to the prosecution on charges of special threats and obstruction of business .


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