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‘Defense active’ Lee Seung-gu “Aim to win all the remaining games”

Senior Lee Seung-gu (F, 190cm), who saved the team atmosphere with defense, made up his mind for the remaining games.

Kyunghee University Lee Seung-gu contributed to the team’s 60-48 victory by recording 6 points, 4 rebounds and 1 assist in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League match against Hanyang University held at Hanyang University Olympic Gymnasium on the 24th.

Lee Seung-gu, whom we met after the game, said, “I was doing well in the beginning, but I had a difficult game in the second half. He said, “I’m glad he won.”

He won by 12 points, but struggled with Hanyang University’s pressure defense in the second half and fell behind with a score of 7-21 in the third quarter. Lee Seung-gu said, “The director said he would come out strong, but he didn’t seem to prepare well for that part. So he was emphasized by the director once more and he caught on well.”

The score was only in single digits, but Lee Seung-gu helped the team win with defense and dirty work. As for the defense preparation against Hanyang University, “First of all, (Park) Seong-jae and (Pyo) Seung-bin are the main scorers, and I tried to block them well, but it didn’t work well in the man-to-man defense. So I switched to zone defense, but Hanyang University players were not good at breaking the zone, so I switched to zone defense. he keeps practicing It’s a pity that we lost a lot of rebounds in the zone.”

The defense led the team to victory, but the scoring was low. He said, “I think my strong point is dirty work. My role is also a shooter, and I put it in once in a while when it is important, but there are many parts that help the team even if the score is low, so I hope you will look at that part.”

Only 4 matches left.먹튀검증 As Lee Seung-gu had a bad start, he predicted that he would bet on life and death in the second half. “I am working out with the goal of winning all the remaining games. It was so bad in the beginning, so I am working out very hard to not show that part.”


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