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“Did you die saving your country?” Changwon City Councilor Kim Mina, accused of using ‘absent language’ in Itaewon, suspended prison sentence

Kim Mi-na, a member of the Changwon Special City Council in Gyeongsangnam-do, who was indicted on charges of insulting the families of the victims of the Itaewon disaster and members of the cargo union, received a suspended prison sentence in the first trial.

On the 19th, the Masan Branch Criminal Division 3 of the Changwon District Court in Gyeongsangnam-do postponed the three-month prison sentence for Rep. Kim, who was handed over to trial for contempt.

A deferred sentence is a judgment in which a crime is acknowledged, but the sentence is postponed for a certain period of time and the sentence is waived after two years have passed without any problems from the date of deferment.

If a sentence of suspension of qualifications or higher is confirmed during the grace period, or a criminal record of punishment of suspension of qualifications or higher is confirmed, a suspended sentence will be imposed.

On this day, the court made a different ruling than the prosecution’s request for Rep. Kim to be fined 3 million won.

The court said, “The defendant’s crime caused great harm to more than 200 victims,” and added, “The guilt is not light, considering the fact that the article 메이저사이트he posted while in a public position must have had a large impact and that he was not forgiven by the victims.” .

“However, the sentence was determined considering the fact that he acknowledged his mistake and showed remorse, the fact that he pledged not to commit such a crime again, the fact that he expressed an apology through some media, and the fact that he had no history of criminal punishment,” the ruling said. did.

He continued, “We also considered a fine, which is what the prosecution recommended, but considering the nature of the crime committed by the defendant and the social status of the defendant, we considered imprisonment as an optional punishment, but decided on a sentence that avoids cases such as probation that would result in deprivation of position.”

Previously, Rep. Kim was accused of posting a ‘bad language’ post about the Itaewon disaster and a post disparaging members of the Korean Freight Workers’ Union on his social network service ( SNS ) in December last year.

Regarding the Itaewon disaster that occurred in November last year, “The bereaved families kill the souls of those who went to heaven at a young age twice,” “There are rumors that they sell their children for business,” “Did they die saving their country?”, “Democratic Party, those people are wearing yellow ribbons.” “After 8-9 years of brewing, how long will it take to brew with a black ribbon?”, “They are a bunch of corpse sellers.”

Regarding the cargo union, he is accused of writing articles such as “These shameless XX people who fearlessly rebel against the country” and “How can they be damned?”

Immediately after the sentencing, Rep. Kim left without answering questions from reporters asking about his position on the sentencing and whether he reflected on it.


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