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Even if you do well 9 times → 1 point conceded ‘criticism’… National team Kim Min-jae was hard to hold on to

Even if you do well 9 times, if you do not score 1, you will lose a point. It is the defender’s duty to block the attacker. Although Kim Min-jae (26, Naples) was evaluated as a ‘world-class talent’, the spotlight pouring into his every move was difficult.

Kim Min-jae was a cotyledon called to become. He has been called a ‘monster’ since the days of Jeonbuk Hyundai and showed overwhelming performance. When he left Jeonbuk for Guoan, Beijing, he had the ability to go straight to Europe, but that’s why there was an eye on him to go to China.

Although he was in the Chinese Super League, he received a love call from Europe for a top class talent. After tasting the European stage for a year at Fenerbahce, he joined Napoli and entered Europe’s fifth league. In Serie A, Italy, the home of defense, he was responsible for the back gate of Napoli with his performance.

He passed his mid-twenties, but grew further under the guidance of coach Spalletti. It was evaluated as ‘world class’ with the center of Napoli rear build-up, monstrous defense, and intermittent overlapping. Rumors of him transferring to a Premier League team were entangled, saying that he is a talent that will be worth 100 billion won in future transfer fees.

Kim Min-jae suffered transfer rumors after half a season since Fenerbahce. He did the same in Naples. That’s why he said after the match against Colombia, “I don’t want to pay attention, but it’s really hard to focus. All the transfer rumors are not true.”

Expectations grew as the transfer rumors were reported day by day. If he gets called up to the Korean national team, he expects an ‘Iron Pillar’ from Napoli. After the World Cup, he played against Colombia and Uruguay without conceding a goal.

In the game against Uruguay, he showed his unique bold forward defense and fighting spirit, but provided a decisive reason for conceding. In an interview after losing 1-2, he said, “I want to focus on my team, Napoli, rather than the national team. My mental state has collapsed. It is difficult both physically and soccer. I want to focus on my team, not for the time being.” come.

The words “I want to focus on my team” spread to the possibility of his retirement. He didn’t say anything even on the way back to Italy after finishing the evaluation match schedule in March. He was in an atmosphere where one could really think that he was leaving the national team. Korea’s case is rare, but in Europe, there are often things that leave the national team early, such as Paul Scholes.

Afterwards, he organized his thoughts through social media and apologized to fans. Kim Min-jae said, “I felt burdened by the situation where my weight in the national team was getting bigger and bigger. I wanted to say that mentally collapsed was a burden on the pitch, a responsibility to always do well, and a feeling of disappointment when I lost a goal as a defender.” He expressed his difficult feelings to the fans.

As he climbed to the top level,메이저놀이터 the expectations different from before and the feeling that he had to do well always weighed down on Min-jae Kim. Since Korea is in the ‘underdog’ at the global level, it seems that the burden of conceding was several times.

Coach Jurgen Klinsmann plans to visit Naples in April and have an in-depth conversation with Kim Min-jae. Coach Klinsman was a striker as a player, but as he played at the highest level in Europe, he is likely to know Kim Min-jae’s difficulties better than anyone else.


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