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“Even when I was in college, I couldn’t stop it once it caught on fire” Today’s ace ‘Park Seong-jin’, the smile of the command tower 

“Park Seong-jin, even in college, once caught on fire, I couldn’t stop it메이저사이트.”

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, led by coach Kim Sang-woo, held a set score 3-1 (22-25, 25-12, 25-19, 25- 19) brought victory. The start of the cup competition is good.

On this day, rookie Park Seong-jin, who started as the starting apogee spiker, stood out with a surprise performance. He scored 18 points, including 2 blocking-serves, and had a 50% attack success rate, becoming the number one contributor to the team’s victory. If he added just one sub-block, he set a record for a triple crown.

Manager Kim Sang-woo, whom we met after the game, said, “Even in college, once Park Seong-jin caught fire, he couldn’t stop it. My confidence increased through practice, and I got better. Today is like his professional debut. I have to admit he did a good job.”

On this day, not only Park Seong-jin, but also Kim Jeong-ho contributed 14 points, Yang Hee-jun and Kim Jun-woo scored 11 points and 10 points, respectively, to help the team win. In particular, the two young middle blockers Yang Hee-jun and Kim Jun-woo stood out.

Coach Kim said, “Our team is getting younger, and both players have height and strength.” The control was shaken in the middle, but the left and right, center distribution was not bad,” he smiled.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance suffered the humiliation of the second lowest since its establishment last season. I trained more than ever to rebuild my family for the upcoming season. Even though it’s one game, it’s not a bad start.

Director Kim Sang-woo said, “We have nowhere else to go. Last season, the players received a lot of stimulation. I think I trained the best as if I was stubborn and confident. I always have to do it with confidence like today.”


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