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finally broken 0… Susme’s lockdown continues

“He showed his strength as a finishing pitcher.”

Seo Jin-yong (31, SSG), who finished this season, is an iron wall itself. He firmly locked the back door. He collected 16 saves in 21 games and 21⅓ innings. 1st place in this category. Even compared to Kim Won-joong (Lotte) and Hong Geon-hee (Doosan, 9 saves), the gap is quite large. There was not a single blown save. Applause from fans poured in. Borrowing the title of the Japanese animation ‘Suzume’s Door Lock’ released this year, the nickname ‘Suzume’s Door Lock’ was born. It completely overturned the evaluation that the bullpen was a weakness before the season.

The course was also impressive. He continued his streak of 20 consecutive games with an ERA of 0. On April 14, Incheon NC match gave 1 point, but it was due to a mistake. This is the number 8 of all time. The most consecutive games in a single season (after the first appearance) is owned by SK (SSG predecessor) Dae-hyeon Jeong (retired) “Queen Bee”. From May 7, 2010, against Citizen Samsung, to Gunsan KIA, on July 18, there was a streak of 26 consecutive matches. At the time, SK had achieved a combined victory with a solid back door.

His unstoppable steps took a break on the 21st at the Lotte game in Busan. Bottom of the ninth with a 6-2 lead. It was not a save situation, but SSG coach Kim Won-hyung put in Seo Jin-yong. It was a judgment that took into consideration the part where there was no mound after the Changwon NC game on the 17th, and it was shaken. He walked three batters in a row, including lead hitter Yoo Gang-nam, and was in danger of being loaded with bases safely. He allowed follow-up batter Kim Min-seok to sacrifice fly to left field and recorded his first earned run of the season. There were no additional errors. Ahn Kwon-soo and Ahn Chi-hong were grounded and the game ended.안전놀이터

Again, it’s a start. It’s unfortunate, but on the other hand, it’s a part that can make you feel free. moving towards the next goal Seo Jin-yong, who was consistently in the winning group, but I have no memory of finishing full-time. He can even challenge save king. The record for the most saves in a single season for an individual is 21, which he marked last year. Previously, Seo Jin-yong humbly said, “Since I have made 20 saves, I think it would be nice to make 30 saves as well.” Manager Kim Won-hyung praised him, saying, “The visa book record was broken, but he showed his strength as a closer.”


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