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Following Kim Jae-seong, even Kim Tae-gun… Kang Min-ho is left alone in the Samsung homeroom, maybe it’s a relief that the trade didn’t happen

Samsung has only three main catchers: Kang Min-ho, Kim Tae-gun, and Kim Jae-seong, former national players. Samsung, who had fun efficiently managing three main catchers, planned to make up for the shortfall by using the abundant homeroom resources as a trade card. 

Manager Park Jin-man said at his inauguration ceremony on October 26 of last year, “Since we have more catcher resources than other teams, we are considering a plan to promote a trade by looking at the market situation. We will make up for the lacking part through trade.” 

He also added, “The trade market is open to any team to fill the gaps in our team. The door is open to all teams, not just a specific club.” 

Samsung discussed trade with some clubs that need to strengthen catchers in the offseason, but could not narrow the difference of opinion. However, the transfer market did not end there. 

While there are not enough catcher resources throughout the league, Samsung, the ‘rich man in the home’, can wait leisurely. This is because the trade can be accomplished only when the club, which needs home reinforcement during the season, presents a better card to Samsung than in the previous negotiations. Samsung was in the so-called top position. 

In Samsung, which had the most abundant catcher resources among the 10 clubs, the red light was turned on for the operation of the home room as Kim Jae-seong and Kim Tae-gun left the team. 

Kim Jae-seong was not included in the opening entry due to a torn right side injury during an exhibition game, and Kim Tae-gun, who was guarding the home with Kang Min-ho, is hospitalized for acute hepatitis symptoms. 

Samsung, which operated a dedicated catcher system until last year, planned to appoint players in good condition this season.메이저사이트 Following Kim Jae-sung, Kim Tae-gun left the team, leaving only Kang Min-ho. Of course, it is not that there is no backup resource, but Kang Min-ho’s weight has increased because the difference in his skills is clear. 

Director Park Jin-man said, “I said it was a catcher kingdom, but it suddenly became like this. It has become a situation where I have to see Kang Min-ho alone.” It may be fortunate that the catcher trade was unsuccessful in the chain of departures of the leading catchers. 


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