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For director Lee Min-seong, it’s just a ‘good luck’ multiplayer Lee Hyun-sik “It’s okay to play anywhere”

An indispensable player for Daejeon Hana Citizen this season. This is Hyunsik Lee.

Lee Hyeon-sik is one of the leading players in the early days of Daejeon this season. Originally a midfielder, he often transforms into a sideback and plays a somewhat unfamiliar position. In the K-League 1 Round 7 match against Ulsan Hyundai held at Daejeon World Cup Stadium on the 16th, he started as a right sideback and scored the winning goal, leading the team to a 2-1 victory.

Daejeon coach Lee Min-seong said, “Lee Hyun-shik is originally an excellent offensive player. He feels sorry to be used as a defender due to team circumstances. He said, “There will be more advantages in the future.”

Lee Hyun-sik said, “We lost a lot in the last game. We spent a week preparing and communicating with each other. It came out well and I am satisfied with the results of the content,” he said. “Even when we lost in the last game, the atmosphere was always good. There is a lot of communication. We beat Ulsan, a strong team, but we need to prepare well for the next match. Whoever we meet, we have to play our game.”

He is playing in an awkward position, but Lee Hyun-sik said, “It is an unfamiliar position. Still, since you believe in me, I think it’s good for me to help the team. I’m fine wherever I play,” he said. “I think I have strengths in stamina and mobility. We are working in harmony with all the players to be of assistance. Training also focuses on that.”

Daejeon is in 3rd place with 4 wins,메이저놀이터 2 draws and 14 points from 7 matches since opening. It’s literally a blast in the beginning. Lee Hyun-sik said, “We are a promoted team and everyone evaluated us as weak. So we have nothing to fear. No matter who we meet, we are challengers. It works well psychologically. Enter the pitch to win every match. Even so, I can’t win every game, but I think the attitude to enter the game is to run for victory.”

He continued, “I can see that we also cheer for each other when we get tired during the game. I get strength every time. Thank you. Many fans come. If you bring better results and game content, more fans will come. I will repay you with grades,” he said, expressing his gratitude to the home fans who filled the stadium.


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