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Gayoung Kim, Minjoo Baek, and even Higa are the same, only Kim Bomi is different, but the result is the High1 LPBA Championship

The semifinal composition of the ‘2022 High1 Resort LPBA Championship’ was compressed into a confrontation between Kim Ga-young and Baek Min-ju and Higashiuchi and Kim Bo-mi.

It is a fight between the MZ generation of the 90s and the generation of the 80s, which took place for the first time this season, and 3 of the 4 are members of the 4 of the previous tournament, Huons.

The October competition was a confrontation between Kim Ga-young and Higashiuchi and Lim Jeong-suk and Baek Min-ju. Kim Ga-young and Lim Jung-suk each won and met in the finals, and Kim Ga-young won.

Kim Ga-young was left alone among the multiple crowns with more than three crowns. Lee Mi-rae, who won 4 crowns, was knocked 스포츠토토 down by Jepul in the survival match, and Lim Jeong-suk, who is also 4 crown crowned, passed her by herself in the round of 16.

In the quarterfinals held on the 13th, Throng Piabi, who won the triple crown, was tripped by Baek Min-joo’s last-minute strong tackle.

It is a multi-crown competition alone, but Baek Min-joo’s rise is formidable. 2nd straight 4th. It is proof that his skills have improved and stabilized that much.

Can Min-joo Baek beat Throng and Ga-young Kim, who placed first and second in the LPBA? There is potential. In the PBA, the number of cases is higher than that of unknown Kim Wook defeating Kudron and Kasido Costas consecutively.

Kim Ga-young let go. Throng, who is being pushed out of the past, is somehow uncomfortable. In terms of skill, Baek Min-joo is one step below Throng or Kim Ga-young.

Kim Bo-mi is a ‘championship skill’. But there is no winning. She was beaten by Miko Hayashi of Japan in the round of 16 of the previous tournament, but defeated Ayako Sakai 3-2 in the quarterfinals. ㅇㅇ all

In the last tournament, Higashiuchi played a close match with Kim Ga-young to the 5th set. I lost, but my recent record is good. If you beat the young blood Kim Se-yeon, Kim Bo-mi should also be careful.

A semi-final showdown of spirit and skill. People are 75% the same, but the results are unknown. They meet at 4:30 on the 14th and compete for the finals.


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