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Giving up KIA 2-point ERA pitcher, was it a wise decision?

The KIA announced on the 11th that it had recruited right-handed fastball pitcher Medina.

As a result, the 2023 season can be played with right-handed light-speed pitchers. Anderson, who previously agreed to a contract, is also a pitcher who can throw a fast ball of up to 154 km.

It wasn’t an easy decision. KIA had no major problems with foreign pitchers this season. Although Nolin was out for a long time due to injury, both pitchers averaged earned run averages in the 2-run range.

However, the contract renewal failed because there were fatal weaknesses. KIA wanted a more powerful card.

KIA manager Kim Jong-guk said, “Nolin is a good pitcher, but his durability was poor. In addition to major injuries, he had many small injuries this season as well, so he decided that it would be unreasonable for him to play as a full-time starter. He was worried until the end, but he was able to catch the strand with a replacement,” he explained, “because Panoni is not a player with excellent pitches, the batting order turns once or twice? When playing against opponents, he often showed weakness. He was a pitcher who showed a clear weakness on days when his pitching was a bit shaky because he couldn’t force himself. He didn’t have bad grades, but he had a lot of anxiety, so he decided to replace him.”

Nolin was eventually kicked out because durability problems were revealed.

Nolin is a pitcher who worried a lot until the end. He was similar to Panoni in that he was not a pitcher, but he was a pitcher who had an advantage over batters with his diverse pitching form and ability to control speed.

Director Kim said, “Nollin made me worry a lot until the end. He is a pitcher that batters can feel unfamiliar with because he is good 토토사이트 at irregular pitching. He thought it might be good to go one more season. However, he felt that he needed more pitchers who could overwhelm opponents with pitches. He had a lot on his mind, but he had no choice but to make a replacement,” he said.

Panoni was a pitcher who showed weakness as the actual batting order continued.

In his first batting order, his batting average was only 0.209. However, in his second at-bat, his batting average soared to 0.252.

And when we met for the third time, the batting average was 0.287.

On the face of it, replacing both pitchers with 2-run earned run averages can feel like an adventure. It can be said that changing both Nolin and Panoni is risky in that adaptability is the most important factor for success in Korean professional baseball.

However, KIA had its own convictions. It was evaluated that they were players who had been verified in terms of records and injury history. The result was a failure to renew the contract.

It can be said that a decision was made based on the verified results after one season.

How will KIA’s decision affect the game next season? It can be said that the importance of foreign pitchers was even greater because there was no free agent recruitment.

It remains to be seen what the outcome of the decision to recruit a powerful power pitcher rather than a pitcher with an average ERA in the 2-point range, which poses risks, will lead.


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