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‘Golf Queen’ Ko Jin-young, who washed her injury, is seen recapturing the throne

the queen is back

Korean women’s golf signboard Ko Jin-young (28, Solaire) reported her third individual win on the American Women’s Professional Golf (LPGA) Tour. After winning the HSBC Women’s World Championship in March, they won the Cognitive Founders Cup on the 15th and lifted the second trophy of the season. It is a multi-win feat that came after 4 wins in 2019 and 5 wins in 2021.

Winning the Founders Cup was a dramatic come-from-behind drama. Ahead of the final round, she was four strokes away from ‘defending champion’ Lee Min-ji (Australia), who was in the lead. There was no giving up. He took 5 birdies without bogey, dragged the game into overtime, and completed a thrilling flip over Lee Min-ji, who had stopped looking, by collecting pars in the first overtime.

It was the influence of the reverse play that Lim Seong-jae, the representative runner of Korean men’s golf, showed at the Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour Woori Financial Championship. After winning the championship, Ko Jin-young said, “I was inspired to see Seong-jae Lim overcome a 5-stroke gap and win. I thought that if I did well in my game, I would have a chance,” he smiled.

Ko Jin-young’s ‘unbreakable heart’ is not the story of this tournament alone. After 2021, when she won the most 5 wins in the season, the highly anticipated “golf queen” suffered from a wrist injury in the second half of the year. Following her cut elimination and withdrawal, her world ranking also fell from number one to number five.

But I overcame it. She shook off her injury and showed signs of resurgence by entering the LPGA Tour Top 10 (tied for 6th) for the first time in seven months at Honda Thailand in February. And by engraving his name on two trophies, he announced a splendid comeback. The ranking, which had fallen, also rose to second place (8.38 rating), chasing No. 1 Nellie Corda (USA, 8.40) by 0.02 points. At this rate, recapturing the throne is only a matter of time.먹튀검증

Eyes are on the second major tournament of the season, the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship, to be held on the 23rd of next month. He adjusts his condition by properly mixing rest and tour appearances. The fact that she only scored 7 points to the minimum score (27 points) for entering the LPGA Hall of Fame is a strong motivation. If he wins a major championship for the first time in three years, he can accumulate two points at once.


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