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Grasso successfully defends his title in the first time, drawing with Shevchenko

 The only Mexican UFC champion, Alexa Grasso (30, Mexico), defended her championship belt against Valentina Shevchenko (35, Kyrgyzstan/Peru) at the Mexican Independence Day event.

Grasso split a draw with Shevchenko (48-47, 47-47, 47-48).

As the scoring results showed, it was a battle between dragons and tigers. Challenger Shevchenko used jabs and takedowns to score points, while champion Grasso tried to take her round with impactful offense, including a knockdown.

The fierce challenger took the lead first. Shevchenko took the lead in a long-distance jab fight in the first round and attacked Grasso. Just when Grasso was about to close the distance and exchange her strikes, she took her to the ground with a double leg takedown.

In the second round, Grasso scored a knockdown to tie the fight. Grasso landed Shevchenko with a straight right hand punch during their exchange of blows, knocking Shevchenko down. Shevchenko got up right away, but Grasso was looking to finish her with a barrage of knees. Shevchenko managed to take a breather by wrestling Grasso down and controlling him.

In the third round, Shevchenko took the fight with ground control after a takedown. In the fourth round, Grasso’s counterattack was fierce. Taking advantage of Shevchenko’s failed takedown, she launched a wave of attacks and even succeeded in a takedown.

In the fateful 5th round, the challenger seemed to have won. Shevchenko continued to hit Grasso’s face with jabs, and Grasso’s face was covered in blood. However, when Shevchenko dug an underhook and fell while attempting a takedown, Grasso took control of the back position like lightning. Grasso left a big impact by launching a powerful ground and pound attack and attempting a rear-naked choke submission.

In the end, the judges ruled the game a draw바카라사이트. Grasso, who defended the title, said, “I did a lot of damage and my punches were stronger. “I won,” he said, disagreeing with the decision.

Shevchenko also opposed the decision. He said, “I thought it was definitely my victory. However, because it was a Mexican Independence Day competition, I think the judges felt a little pressure. He expressed his dissatisfaction by saying, “Because Grasso is a Mexican fighter.” He continued, “I played well enough to win. “If it were a fair competition, I would have won,” he emphasized.

Regarding the possibility of a third game, Grasso said, “I don’t know. “I’ll have to talk to the coach and manager,” he said, avoiding an immediate answer.

Currently, there are two strong title challengers waiting in the women’s flyweight division. Tied for second place in the rankings are Manon Fioro (33, France) and Erin Blanchfield (24, USA) with 9 consecutive wins (6 straight UFC wins) and 11 consecutive wins (6 UFC wins). Attention is being paid to whether a third match between Grasso and Shevchenko will take place or whether another player will get the opportunity. 


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