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“Guarantee the teacher’s right to education”… 30,000 teachers across the country, city center rally amid heatwave

About 30,000 teachers gathered amidst the scorching heat메이저사이트to hold an urban rally to commemorate a teacher who recently took his own life at an elementary school in Seocho-gu, Seoul, and call for normalization of public education.

The National Teachers Association, a voluntary group of teachers, held a rally on the road near the Seoul Government Complex in Jongno-gu, Seoul at 2:00 pm on the same day and shouted with one voice to ‘create a safe educational environment’ and ‘guarantee teachers’ right to education’. The organizers estimated 30,000 people and the police estimated 20,000. It was hot weather with a heat wave warning issued in Seoul, but teachers attended the rally wearing black tops and bottoms.

In a statement, the teachers said, “Last week, we were heartbroken and shed many tears at the news of a teacher who passed away at a young age.” “Education cannot be allowed to collapse any longer. Please gather your strength so that you can teach children with passion again.” He also argued that institutional measures are needed to protect teachers and coexist with students and parents.

At the rally, an elementary school teacher with 21 years of experience from Gwangju Metropolitan City took the podium and introduced that she was accused of child abuse and received a civil and criminal trial for a year and found her innocence. He said, “If you restrain a fighting student with your body, you are being physically abused, and if you shout or scream, the teacher is being driven out as emotional child abuse.” I have to do it,” he pleaded.

Meanwhile, 102 professors from Seoul National University of Education also issued a joint statement on the same day, saying, “We appeal to all education officials to participate in the truth-finding and restoration of teachers’ human rights.” They urged the Ministry of Education and provincial and provincial offices of education to “define abnormal complaints filed against schools as acts of infringement on educational activities and come up with countermeasures.”


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