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Gyeongnam FC conducts helping hands in rural areas… “We will become a citizen’s club contributing to the local community”

On the 26th, K-League 2 (Part 2) Gyeongnam FC, together with NH Nonghyup Bank Gyeongnam Headquarters and professional baseball NC Dinos, visited farmhouses in the Seopo-myeon area of ​​Sacheon TLL to help farmers.

This helping hand is the 4th year of implementation of the ‘Beautiful Companion’ agreement signed by Gyeongnam, NH Nonghyup Bank, and NC to contribute to the development of the local community and strengthen the role of corporations in the public interest in 2020. This year, more than 50 executives and employees of three institutions, including Gyeongnam CEO Ji Hyeon-cheol, NH Nonghyup Bank Gyeongnam Headquarters Cho Geun-soo, and NC CEO Lee Jin-man, Sacheon Agricultural Technology Center Director Jeong Dae-woong, Nonghyup Sacheon Branch Manager Cho Yoon-hwan, and Seopo Agricultural Cooperative Association President Hwang Il-hyeon are also struggling due to labor shortages. Visiting rural areas in Gyeongsangnam-do, they worked hard on picking garlic shoots, planting pumpkins, and weeding.스포츠토토

The heads of the three organizations agreed to continue social contribution activities through helping rural laborers together with one mind to recall the meaning of beautiful companionship.

CEO Ji said, “It was a special time when sports clubs and financial institutions representing the region participated in helping rural areas in need. I am happy to be with them for the fourth year of beautiful companionship.” “In the farming season, there are many difficulties in our agriculture and rural areas due to insufficient labor. Gyeongnam FC will continue to be a provincial club that actively participates in community contributions.”


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