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“Ha-seong Kim, ML’s best defensive second baseman” 356.9 billion won shortstop upgraded ‘SD, iron wall infield’

“Ha-seong Kim is the best defensive infielder in the major leagues.”

The San Diego Padres have been sluggish this season. Still, his defense is alive. Based on the fan graph, by the 16th (hereinafter Korean time), Team OAA (Outcount Production Compared to Average) ranked 1st in the National League with 21, Team DRS (Restricted Runs) ranked 2nd in the National League with 20 points, Team UZR (Defensive Power Evaluation by Detailed Zone) ) is 9.5, third in the National League.

It should be seen that the iron wall infield occupies an absolute share. Multi-infielder Kim Ha-seong, who has the best defense in the National League, Xander Bogarts, and Manny Machado are also good defenders. evaluated on the 16th (Korean time) that the upgrade of Bogatz and the presence of Ha-sung Kim made San Diego one of the best defensive units this season. said of Kim Ha-seong, “He is still an elite shortstop who plays as a second baseman. He’s the best defensive second baseman in the majors, and he’s also worth an OAA (out count production average) 7.” With the addition of Xander Bogarts to Ha-seong Kim, San Diego’s center infield was completed.

Bogatz, who boasts an 11-year, $280 million (approximately 356.9 billion won) contract, has upgraded his defense. said, “He ranks fourth among all shortstops in Statcast’s Outs Over Average. He hasn’t made a mistake since April and has been strong. Shortstops generally don’t get better with age. Bogatz is an exception.”

Coach Bob Melvin said, “What has changed is that he is running well and the angle of his arm has been changed.” He improved the accuracy of his defense as he modified the angle of his arm when throwing. He changed his throwing motion two years ago while he was with the Boston Red Sox, and came to San Diego to fully settle. He added that he changed the rhythm of his movement even when he dashed into the ball.메이저사이트 said, “The DRS in the middle of the 2021 season was -13, but ended at -5.” Even Bogatz said, “I’m very excited to see if this is real or not.” In the end, San Diego decided that if Bogarts improved his defense to this extent, he could take over as shortstop, and moved Kim Ha-seong to second base to create an iron-walled center infield.

“San Diego’s lineup of five shortstops is thriving,” said Ha-Sung Kim was the best defensive second baseman and is worth a 7 in OAA. Cronenworth and Machago are also the best corner defenders in the major leagues. Tatis excels as a right fielder. San Diego has one of the best defensive unit lines this season. The transformation of Bogatz was essential.”


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