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“He can do it and I can’t?”… Louis Vuitton ‘stinky’ bag, controversy over exchange standards

There are ongoing complaints about the smell of some products produced by the French luxury brand Louis Vuitton in certain years. Louis Vuitton provides exchanges after deliberation at the head office, but there are no clear standards, leading to consumer complaints.

According to Internet luxury goods communities on the 11th, more than a dozen exchange posts related to Louis Vuitton’s bad smell were posted this month alone. After media reports that some Louis Vuitton products produced since 2018 had unpleasant odors due to processing issues, consumers are visiting stores to exchange bags or wallets.

Currently, it is known that Louis Vuitton stores메이저사이트 decide whether to exchange only product lines for which odor problems are recognized after deliberation at the French headquarters. You can get a bag in the same price range or pay the difference and get a new, more expensive product.

However, if you refer to articles on the Internet, there are cases where products were exchanged right away at the store without being reviewed by the head office, and there are also cases where the product exchange was refused from the beginning due to carelessness. Even if you have the same product, whether or not you can exchange it is a matter of luck.

There are also cases where some consumers go to stores that are famous for relatively easy exchanges. Since exchange availability varies depending on the store and seller in charge, the intention is to find a store where product exchange is relatively easy.

Accordingly, it is pointed out that there are no clear standards for product exchange. Even though the head office was aware of the cause and model of the problem, it did not respond uniformly, resulting in confusion where some people received exchanges and others did not.

One consumer said, “In the end, the odor problem is 100% Louis Vuitton’s fault and cannot be solved through repairs, but it is gutsy to not disclose clear exchange standards.” He added, “The standards should be clear and exchanged accordingly.”

Louis Vuitton said, “We are confirming the related information.”


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