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Heung-Min Son caught in the AV offside trap of ‘goal + goal + lowest rating’, Tottenham UCL ‘frustration’, UEL also ‘dangerous’

Son Heung-min (Tottenham) was caught in Aston Villa’s offside trap.

Tottenham lost 0-2 in the 36th round of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2022-2023 season against Aston Villa held at Villa Park in Birmingham, England on the 13th (Korean time). Tottenham, who seemed to come back to life after beating Crystal Palace 1-0 in the last round, sat down once again. Tottenham’s defeat on the day failed to qualify for the European Champions League. Tottenham took the last train of the European Champions League with a dramatic rise last season. Tottenham, who failed to add points, maintained 6th place with 57 points. Although they have the same points as 7th placed Aston Villa, they managed to maintain 6th place, ahead of them on goal difference. Even advancing to the Europa League is in a position that cannot be guaranteed. Europa League tickets are given to the fifth-placed team in the league and the FA Cup winners. Tottenham is 5 points behind Liverpool (62 points), which has played one less game, so it is virtually difficult to overturn. However, this season, as League 1st place Manchester City and 4th place Manchester United advanced to the FA Cup final, up to 6th place in the league can go to the Europa League. For Tottenham, it is a hopeful part.

Son Heung-min started as the left wing of three-top, the main position that day. He was given a defensive assignment in the last game, but this day he returned to his original position. Acting head coach Ryan Mason deployed Son Heung-min, Harry Kane and Richarlison as the starting strikers. Emile Pierre Hoivier, Oliver Skip, and Pedro Pedro were put in the waist. On the left and right flanks stood Ben Davis and Emerson Royal. In central defense, Clement Lenglet and Christian Romero played. Fraser Foster in goal.

Son Heung-min showed diligent movements from beginning to end. He harassed his opponents with his unique backspace strategy. However, Aston Villa slowed the tempo by harassing the midfielders who were supposed to pass the ball to Son Heung-min. McGinn and Lewis pressed Tottenham’s midfielders hard, delaying the passing timing. The timing of Son Heung-min’s penetration did not match. Son Heung-min shook his head at the continued offside.

In the 24th minute of the first half, the shot that broke the back space and beat the goalkeeper hit the post. The assistant referee declared offside. It was a regrettable scene as it was announced belatedly. He was pretty obscure to the naked eye. In the 27th minute, I tried to attack the back space, but Ashley Young threw herself to block it. In the 18th minute of the second half, Son Heung-min, who received a pass from Bisuma, took another chance. Son Heung-min’s shot unfortunately went over the goal. At the end of the second half, Son Heung-min shook Aston Villa’s net, but this time it was ruled offside. Son Heung-min showed regret in the past. Son Heung-min showed a strong aspect to the extent of scoring 6 goals in total against Aston Villa. Unfortunately, he failed to score due to his opponent’s customized tactics.

Son Heung-min was caught in the offside trap a total of 4 times that day. Football London said, ‘The most impactful scene in the first half was the scene where Son Heung-min hit the goalkeeper and one-on-one chance with Kane’s through pass. After completely passing the goalkeeper, I hit the goal post, but offside was declared.” He said, ‘So he didn’t have to start early. Football London gave Son Heung-min a rating of 4, the second lowest on the team. The Evening Standard also gave only 5 points, saying, “I couldn’t break through the offside trap.” It was only one point higher than Richarlison, Romero, and Skip, who received four points. Soccer statistics company gave Son Heung-min a score of 5.97, who failed to shoot even once. It was the third lowest rating on the team after Richarlison (5.76) and Skip (5.85). Another statistics company, Foot Mob, gave it a score of 6, the lowest score.

Son Heung-min also expressed regret over not being able to break through the opponent’s offside trap. Son Heung-min said in the mixed zone after the game, “We also knew that the opponent would play like that. I think I should have matched the running timing a little better before going in. After the game, thinking about it, there are so many things that I regretted so much. It’s so sad,” he said. So did Director Mason. He said through the British BBC, “We wanted to attack Aston Villa’s high line, but we couldn’t get the timing right. I think it was a big opportunity.”

Aston Villa laughed at the match. In the 8th minute of the first half, Aston Villa scored a goal from one chance. Bailey shook it with a dribble from the right. And stabbed a pass forward. Ramsey shot straight. shook the net Aston Villa took a 1-0 lead. In the 43rd minute, Buendia’s shot hit the post. In the 27th minute of the second half, Aston Villa scored another goal. It was a free kick. Douglas Lewis scores a wonderful right-footed free kick goal. Foster reached out but could not stop the goal. It was a cuneiform bone.스포츠토토

In the remaining time, Tottenham went on the offensive for a goal. In the 41st minute of the second half, Kane dug in. Martinez goalkeeper threw himself to block it. Kane fell. VAR was activated. After a long discussion, a penalty kick was declared. Kane turned it into a goal. followed 2-1. Tottenham launched a wave offensive. Klusewski’s shot went over the goal. It was finally here.

Tottenham retained their 6th place. However, it is an uneasy 6th place that does not know when it will fall. Tottenham now have a home game against Brentford and an away game against Leeds. In the remaining two games, whether or not to go to Europe will be covered.


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