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“History doesn’t remember rats!”… Racism ‘slammed’ Richarlison, and Brazil outraged

Vinicius (Real Madrid) was racist. Then the world was outraged. In particular, Brazil, the homeland of Vinicius, raised its voice of anger.

A racist incident occurred in the 35th round of the Spanish Primera Liga (La Liga) in the 2022-23 season between Valencia and Real Madrid, which took place on the 22nd at Estadio de Mestaya in Valencia, Spain. The match ended 1-0 for Valencia.

At the end of the match, while Vinicius was receiving a red card, he was racistly attacked by the Valencia crowd. Valencia fans shouted “Monkey!” and “Die!” to Vinicius. attempted racist remarks, etc.

Vinicius was furious. He said through SNS, “This is the third racism. Racial discrimination has become a daily life in La Liga. The La Liga Secretariat seems to be neglecting racism. I will respond strongly.”

Since then, many Brazilian stars have supported Vinicius.

Vinicius and his teammate Richarlison (Tottenham) said on social media: “People have always done their best to prevent black players from reaching the top. Enslaved, murdered, marginalized. But born to be great. “People never break down. History doesn’t remember rats. It remembers the people fighting these evil humans. We’re always together! Vinicius!”

Brazilian legend Ronaldinho also raised his voice, saying, “Being black is a source of pride. Discrimination of any kind should not be allowed. A voice that harms players like Vinicius should be banned from the stadium.”스포츠토토

Another legend, Ronaldo, supported, “Vinicius, it is not your fight alone. It is the fight of all of us,” and Kaka also emphasized, “Racism must end. Vinicius, we are with you.”

Pele, the eternal king of Brazilian football. The Pele Foundation, which upholds his philosophy, says: “Pele supports Vinicius and applauds your courage. Keep speaking out. Never stop smiling in the face of adversity. Racism no longer has a place in the football we love. You won’t catch it,” he said.

Even Brazilian President Lula came forward. “Vinicius has been called a monkey. In the 21st century, it is unacceptable to have such a racial prejudice,” he said.


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