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Hit the final stroke and prevent KIA from scoring… Batter from Salvation King flew wildly in ball and defense

Ha Jae-hoon (SSG Landers) led the team to victory by making a big success in the offense and defense.

Ha Jae-hoon started as the 5th batter right fielder in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League KIA Tigers match held at Kia Champions Field in Gwangju on the 6th and recorded 2 hits and 2 RBIs in 4 at-bats.

An opportunity came to Ha Jae-hoon from the beginning of the first inning. Park Seong-han hit, Choi Jeong double, and Guillermo Heredia walk made the bases loaded with one out. After watching Yoon Young-cheol’s first pitch, Ha Jae-hoon hit the 2nd pitch slider. Ha Jae-hoon’s batted ball went to center fielder Socrates Brito. Socrates threw himself to catch the ball, but it bounced right in front of him and came into his glove. In the meantime, Park Seong-han and Choi Jeong entered the home.

KIA narrowed the score gap with Park Chan-ho’s one-run home run at the end of the 4th inning. Both teams were unable to score after that and the game went into the second half. After two outs in the bottom of the eighth, Socrates got a hit and went out. SSG took down Noh Kyung-eun and put Koh Hyo-jun on the mound. Hyeong-Woo Choi at bat.

Choi Hyeong-woo hit Go Hyo-jun’s 5-pitch slider. Choi Hyung-woo’s batted ball seemed to cut through the middle right. However, right fielder Ha Jae-hoon threw himself and caught the ball. Had it been left out, Socrates could have stepped in and tied the score. SSG kept the lead with Ha Jae-hoon’s super catch. Koh Hyo-jun, who watched from the mound, also raised his arms and cheered.

KBS commentator Park Yong-taek, who was in charge of commentary on the match, said, “I wondered if Hyung-woo Choi’s batted ball would fall in the middle. “he said.

He continued, “Among the outfielders, there are outfielders who give up after failing to judge the batting ball well. But Jae-Hoon Ha defended with the will to catch it somehow.”

Ha Jae-hoon, who spread the rain, came to the plate in the beginning of the 9th inning without a runner and scored a hit. He had a pleasant game, recording multiple hits on Hosobi.

Ha Jae-hoon started the season late with a shoulder injury ahead of this season, but he has been playing well since the beginning of the season. 9 hits, 2 homers, 6 RBIs, 5 runs, batting average of 0.429 OPS 1.405. He shows a hustle play that doesn’t give up even on defense.안전놀이터

SSG recruited Kang Jin-sung from Doosan as a result of the balance between left and right batters this season. With Ha Jae-hoon returning, expectations for a right-handed hitter increased. Ha Jae-hoon, who became the king of salvation with 36 saves as a pitcher, is preparing to blossom once again as a hitter.


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