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Honeymoon? Suwon’s ‘Byungsoo Ball’, which was full of bad news… I’m more worried about the future 

The ‘Honeymoon’ dreamed of after changing the command tower. But it came back full of bad news.

Suwon Samsung Bluewings lost 0-3 in the 12th round of the Hanawon Q K League 1 2023 against Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors held at Suwon World Cup Stadium on the 10th.

It was the first game played after Kim Byung-soo took over as coach. It was Suwon who expected a winning streak in their heart because they had defeated Incheon United in the previous game.

The ‘Honeymoon’ dreamed of after changing the command tower. But it came back full of bad news. Photo = Provided by the Korea Professional Football Federation
However, the process and results were the worst. After conceding the first goal 21 seconds into the game, the expected ‘Byungsoo Ball’ did not come out at all. He hit a few shots that put Jeonbuk goalkeeper Kim Jung-hoon to the test, but that was all. In the end, he dedicated multiple goals to Moon Seon-min and Baek Seung-ho, and lost by the most points this season.

The ‘byeongsu ball’ that coach Kim pursues, that is, the ball possession and pass play using numerical superiority did not come out at all. The preparation period was short and the power composition was not good, so it was difficult to produce great results right away. Nevertheless, the process and results of the first match were below expectations. Looking at the contents of the game, it was possible to lose by more than 3 points.

It wasn’t even just 1 loss. Bassani picked up a knee injury and Bultuis was sent off for an accumulated yellow card. In particular, Vasani’s knee injury looked serious, and he also lowered his head immediately after the injury.

Suwon is a team with many big and small injuries. As we are having a difficult season in a situation where we are not at full power, it is a very big blow to have additional injuries like Basani.

Suwon’s next game is an away game against Gangwon FC on the 13th. It is a team that has a clear relationship with coach Kim, and it is also an opponent who is located at the bottom of the table this season.메이저놀이터

If they can’t somehow secure 3 points in the match against Gangwon, Suwon will have a tougher schedule ahead. The next opponent is Ulsan Hyundai, who is in first place, followed by Jeju United, a strong player in the middle ranks, who is currently on a winning streak. It is said that there is some preparation period after the Gangwon match, but looking at the first game, it cannot be viewed positively.

At the end of the great crisis, the leader Suwon chose is coach Kim. If you are chosen to save the team, you must eventually produce results even under difficult conditions. The burden is heavy and the situation is difficult, but in the end it is a position that has to be done.


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