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Hyundai Home Shopping, LG Hello Vision to move out… ‘Blackout’ from transmission fees

Hyundai Home Shopping notified LG HelloVision to stop broadcasting due to transmission fee negotiations . Lotte Home Shopping also announced that it would stop broadcasting to D’Live Gangnam Cable TV from October 1st, so the blackout due to transmission fees is expected to accelerate.

According to related industries on the 27th, Hyundai Home Shopping recently notified LG HelloVision that it would stop broadcasting after the end of next month. If this happens, approximately 3.68 million LG HelloVision subscribers in 23 regions, including parts of Seoul (Yangcheon-gu, Eunpyeong-gu) and Gyeonggi Province (Bucheon, Gimpo, Uijeongbu, Yangju, Dongducheon, Pocheon, Yeoncheon), Gangwon, Chungnam, and Gyeongbuk , You will not be able to see home shopping. Lotte Home Shopping also announced that it would stop broadcasting through D’Live Gangnam cable TV

from October 1st . According to Article 8, Paragraph 2 of the Home Shopping Broadcasting Channel Usage Contract Guidelines, home shopping companies are obliged to notify viewers through homepages, social media, text messages, etc., one month prior to the scheduled date of suspension of broadcasting. An official from Lotte Home Shopping explained, “We negotiated, but we could not reach an agreement.”

Originally, Hyundai Home Shopping also tried to announce the메이저사이트 suspension of transmission at the same time as Lotte Home Shopping, but it is known that it was put on hold for a week due to the mediation of the Ministry of Science and ICT.

Home shopping companies and cable TV companies discussed lowering the transmission fee, but the opinions of both sides regarding the reduction rate were not narrowed down, so the home shopping side finally decided to stop transmission.

Lotte Home Shopping and Hyundai Home Shopping are considered the two places with the most drop in operating profit in the second quarter. Lotte Home Shopping’s operating profit fell 92.8% year-on-year to 2 billion won, while Hyundai Home Shopping’s operating profit fell 70.3% to 8 billion won. Lotte Home Shopping was affected by the blackout of early morning broadcasting, and Hyundai Home Shopping, which is highly dependent on TV , pointed to a drop in TV viewer ratings and an increase in transmission fees as the cause of poor performance.The industry is saying that the blackout from transmission fees is just beginning. In addition to Lotte Home Shopping and Hyundai Home Shopping, NS Home Shopping is having conflicts with LG U+ over transmission commission negotiations, and T-commerce companies, which have not performed well this year, are also having difficulty negotiating transmission commissions with cable TV operators as well as IPTV . An industry insider said, “Home shopping companies are making inevitable choices for survival. Sales and operating profit are decreasing, so the burden of transmission fees has increased. In the future, we may continue to hear news of the suspension of broadcasting.” said.


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