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Hyunyoung’s side “I’m just a victim of ‘gift certificate fraud’, I never recommended investment”

Broadcaster Hyun-Young (real name Yoo Hyun-Young)메이저사이트 denied the allegation that he recommended investment, saying that he was only a victim in relation to the ’14 billion won gift certificate fraud’ case .

Hyun-young’s agency said, “Hyun-young is a victim of fraud by Mr. A, who was running a mom cafe. She has never joined a mom cafe, and she has never interacted with members or recommended investment.”

She also said, “Even if Hyun-young wasn’t aware of it, she is only sorry that Hyun-young’s name was mentioned during Mr. A’s fraudulent process.” “As one of the victims, I will cooperate with the process of identifying Mr. “he added.

Mr. A was charged with intercepting 14.2 billion won from 61 people while operating an Internet cafe (Mom Cafe) with 15,000 members from November 2019 to September last year (fraud under the Act on the Aggravated Punishment of Specific Economic Crimes). He was indicted last month.

It was investigated that Mr. A deceived the victims that he could make high profits by investing in gift certificates, recruited investment money, and paid interest to the victims in a way of ‘returning’ it.

In April of last year, Mr. A recommended investment and deposited 500 million won, but did not receive a significant amount back, so he sued Mr. A in December of the same year.

When the news of Mr. A’s arrest and Hyun-young’s damage to fraud became known, some raised the possibility that Mr. A was involved in the crime, saying that Mr. A bought the trust of the victims by saying that he was acquainted with Hyun-young.


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