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“I couldn’t hold on any longer and I ended up giving up.” The fall of ‘national democracy’ Kakao

Kakao’s stock price is showing a sluggish trend in the 40,000 won range. In the past, they were called ‘national people’, but now the number of ants selling cacao has increased. Securities analysts predicted that Kakao’s stock price would recover due to its good performance in the third quarter. However, views on the IPO of subsidiaries such as Kakao Entertainment were mixed.

According to the Korea Exchange on the 7th, Kakao closed at 49,050 won the previous day. It fell 31% compared to the 52-week high of 71,300 won recorded on February 9th. After the 50,000 won level collapsed on the 17th of last month, it has been showing sluggishness in the 40,000 won range for three weeks.

As there are no signs of a rebound, the number of individual investors메이저사이트 investing in Kakao is decreasing. According to the Financial Supervisory Service’s Electronic Disclosure System, the number of Kakao’s minority shareholders (less than 1% share) decreased by 67,418 from 2,066,544 at the end of last year to 1,999,126 at the end of the first half of this year, recording a decline rate of 3.26%.

The online stock discussion room’s view of Kakao is also cold. A netizen who invested in Kakao two years ago asked the question, “The average purchase price is 80,000 won, and I am worried whether I should sell or hold on.” Comments were posted on this post saying that the company lost more than 60% and eventually ‘lost money’.

Securities analysts are predicting that Kakao’s stock price will rebound in the fourth quarter. The expectation is that investment sentiment will recover thanks to good performance in the third quarter.

At the same time, he explained, “It has several momentums (upward momentum), such as the disclosure of artificial intelligence (AI) technology and the healthcare business,” and added, “If you want to invest in Kakao, it is advantageous before the third quarter earnings are announced.” Last year, Kakao released its third quarter performance on November 3.

Seunghoon Lee, a researcher at IBK Investment & Securities, said, “Kakao’s quarterly operating profit ratio fell to 5% this year, but it will recover in the second half of the year. Since Kakao is a dominant provider of communication and mobility services, combining AI with payments and product recommendations will improve service performance. “This will improve,” he said. Kakao plans to launch B2C (consumer transaction) business by releasing generative AI ‘CoGPT 2.0’ within the year.

Experts’ opinions on the listing of subsidiaries were mixed. Kakao has listed its subsidiaries, including Kakao Bank and Kakao Games, on the stock market while receiving criticism for its ‘split listing’. Kim Hyun-yong, a researcher at Hyundai Motor Securities, explained, “As can be seen in the IPO cases of past financial subsidiaries, the listing of key subsidiaries served as a driving force for the parent company’s stock price increase,” adding, “The IPOs of Kakao Enter and Kakao Pickcoma are the biggest momentum for Kakao’s stock price in the second half of the year.” .

He continued, “The discount rate applied when calculating corporate value has increased due to the burden of multiple listings,” but predicted, “Kakao has secured more than 70% of Kakao Entertainment’s shares, so if Kakao Entertainment is listed, Kakao’s stock price will also gain momentum.” did.

On the other hand, some believe that the impact of Kakao Entertainment’s listing on Kakao’s stock price will be limited. An official in the financial investment industry explained, “We believe that expectations for the subsidiary’s IPO have already been reflected in Kakao’s stock price. There are concerns about share dilution, so it is unreasonable to judge that Kakao’s corporate value will increase through the IPO alone.” . He predicted, “If the performance of Kakao’s three main businesses, including Talk Biz, games, and entertainment, is confirmed, the stock price will also rise.”

Kakao Entertainment also faces judicial risks. This is as the Financial Supervisory Service begins an investigation into suspicions of market manipulation that arose during Kakao Entertainment’s acquisition of SM. On the 10th of last month, the Financial Supervisory Service’s Capital Market Special Judicial Police (Special Investigation) seized and searched the personal office of Kakao founder Kim Beom-soo, head of the Future Initiative Center.


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